Source: Steve Lacy and Dari Alexander Are ‘Having More Fun Together’


Did the latest round of musical anchor chairs prove successful for WNYW?

Now that Steve Lacy has been the station’s lead anchor for three months, Tuned In explores if the changeover worked.

Just to get readers caught up, Lacy assumed the anchor duties at 6 and 10 p.m. on January 25, while the Greg Kelly nighttime experiment ended abruptly seven months after it started. Kelly is back with his Good Day cohort Rosanna Scotto, while Lacy is now teamed with Dari Alexander for the Channel 5 late newscast.

“[Lacy] was really surprised that he got brought to nights,” a source close to the situation tells Tuned In.

Because of good rapport with former Good Day Wake Up/First Edition co-anchor Juliet Huddy, the source says it was a “bittersweet” move from mornings.

“But, overall it’s worked out,” the source says, “because he’s a solid guy.”

Whenever Lacy broadcasts, the source says, he gets along well with all colleagues.

“He’s known as somebody who is easy to work with.”

But nowhere is that more clear than on the air at 10 p.m. with Alexander.

“I think most people notice a better chemistry between Steve and Dari,” the source says. “I’d say that’s true. I think on the 10 o’clock there’s a great chemistry between everyone staff-wise, the reporters with the anchors.”

That on-air bond, the source says, is more prevalent now than when Ernie Anastos co-anchored the 10.

“It’s just a different dynamic.”

The source says the Lacy and Alexander on-camera connection is likely due to the fact that they are closer in age.

“It seems like they’re having more fun together,” the source says. “It’s friendly and they get along easier.”

Kelly and Scotto have recaptured their past successes on Good Day New York. They haven’t missed a step in resurrecting their chemistry and extending the lead against rival WPIX. Regardless, it can’t be overlooked that Kelly had one of the shortest anchor stints in New York history.

“I just think they realized that he was better off in the morning. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the source adds.

Tuned In attempted to reach a WNYW spokesperson for comment.

Despite Kelly’s talents for the morning daypart, the quick hook at night was still unexpected by many staffers.

“I think there were a lot of people that were surprised,” the source says.

Throughout the day, the latest WNYW switches show top ratings for the early morning newscast, now with Huddy and Antwan Lewis. The 10 p.m. is winning overall and in key demographics.

It would appear that the anchor revolving door has stopped spinning for the time being, with a focus on bolstering the reporter staff, “which is a good thing, [but] maybe not if you’re a freelancer,” the source laughs.

Aside from not being privy to contract information, the source believes Lacy should not be a “stop-gap” anchor at night.

“For the time being, I don’t think it’s going to change. Why would it? It works!”

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