Magee Hickey Sings, Plays Flute, Raises Money for Late Father’s Bronx School


We know about Magee Hickey‘s talent as a news reporter. She has been on our TV screens for more than 30 years. It may not come across on the air, but if Hickey puts her mind to something–it gets done.

Over the weekend, WPIX’s Hickey showed off her altruistic abilities as she ran the 3rd annual Cabaret event to benefit the Lawrence F. Hickey Center in the Bronx, which teaches students with developmental disabilties. The school honors Magee’s dad, who was a tireless volunteer at the school, run by Astor Children’s Services.

With that backdrop, Hickey called her friends and colleagues from the many TV stations she’s worked for to give their time by performing.

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Hickey opened the event with a self-effacing parody of the My Fair Lady classic, I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face. No one can accuse the popular redhead of being an introvert. She swayed and held the high notes. The tone for the afternoon was set when she walked on stage with a mic stand, complete with mic flags representing the six New York broadcast outlets she’s worked for during her career.

In the next 90 minutes, the stage at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan, where Magee went to school, was lined with her PIX co-workers.

Greg Mocker was scheduled to do stand-up comedy. Although he joked to Tuned In before the show started that he’s no stand up comic, as he bursts into a Seinfeldian, “What’s the deal with…?” Still, his “observational humor” included attending his first opera at the Met the night before. “It just ended 20 minutes ago,” Mocker deadpanned.

He also joked that his set was filler until the next musical act.

And there was plenty of other music. Channel 11’s Kirsten Cole did two songs, one with fellow PIX reporter Dan Mannarino. He provided an unplanned, nice moment by forgetting his lines (and checking on his phone). The audience offered an ovation for his honesty.  Cole also sang with her young daughter.

Marvin Scott dusted off the Maurice Chevalier library for his own playful tune about himself.

There were two other standouts at the event. Hickey, who recently learned to play the flute, was joined in a chamber music trio (above) for two selections.

The show closed emotionally with four children from the school singing and playing several instruments.

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