‘Never Say Never’ for WPLJ’s Scott Shannon Staying with Morning Show


Scott Shannon has been lauded with several Hall of Fame honors. Half of WPLJ’s Scott and Todd (Pettengill) morning show since 1991, Shannon is also responsible for putting Z100/WHTZ on the map 30 years ago.

Last week, CNN named Shannon as one the country’s all-time great air personalities. The list includes Cousin Brucie, Casey Kasem, Wolfman Jack, and Howard Stern.

“I’m not in that league,” a humbled Shannon tells Tuned In. “I was more of a program director/personality. Now I’m just a personality.”

Last June, Cumulus hired John Foxx as WPLJ afternoon jock and program director. It marked Shannon’s first time in New York without the dual role of management and the morning man.

“I’ve been through four different ownerships [at ‘PLJ]. When the new people came in they wanted a fresh approach,” Shannon says.

Shannon, 65, admitted that he initially wasn’t comfortable with the reduction of duties.

“In about 90 days, it was obvious to me that I didn’t mind assuming this role,” Shannon admits.

Called by many a programming genius, Shannon praises the job Foxx has done.

“I work in conjunction with him,” Shannon says. “If he needs any input from me, I’ll give it to him.”

Shannon is focusing his energy on morning bits with Pettengill. He says the station continues to see great ratings and the morning show remains a vital part of PLJ and the community.

Despite Cumulus going for fresher and younger, Shannon, after a brief pause, said he was not aware that his “Big Show” is on thin ice.

“Not to my knowledge. You never say never these days in the radio business,” he says.

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