WABC’s Jeff Pegues Heading for CBS News


Veteran Channel 7 reporter Jeff Pegues is moving onto a network platform. The personable broadcast journalist is joining CBS News as a Washington DC based reporter.

Pegues started at WABC in December 2003, and quickly rose to cover some of the biggest stories for the station.

Arguably, the Emmy Award winner’s most memorable newsgathering took place last October during Superstorm Sandy. Viewers will recall Pegues being on the scene of the harrowing Breezy Point fire as residents attempted to escape.

“It’s been an incredible 10 years,” Pegues told Tuned In exclusively. “Working for Channel 7 is like playing for the Yankees. It’s a class, top-notch organization.”

During that decade in “pinstripes” on camera, he was a regular nighttime reporter. The 11 p.m. newscast would feature lead anchor Bill Ritter traditionally throwing it to a live Pegues with his “Jeffrey” moniker.

Tuned In has obtained the email that news director Camille Edwards sent to employees Friday.

“Sometimes life is bittersweet. This is one of those moments,” Edwards wrote.

Sources say the CBS deal was in the works for three months, with the station waiting to make an announcement to staffers until WABC finished another successful May sweeps. We’re told that CBS News is expected to announce the Pegues hiring after the holiday weekend.

“His engaging style on the screen and his warm heart behind the scenes will be so missed,” Edwards added. “It’s not every day that you get to work with someone who makes you smile every time you talk to him.

Pegues’ last day at WABC is June 28.

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2 thoughts on “WABC’s Jeff Pegues Heading for CBS News

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  2. Terry Volquardsen

    Mr. Pegues,
    I listened to you on Face the Nation this morning and believe I might have an idea worth discussing in regards to the racial issues with police. First of all I’m a 61 year old white male with extreme remorse for all of those on both sides of this last week’s violence as well as historical senseless deaths. We have heard of racial profiling for years, but I believe the narrative needs to be turned around on this nation’s police departments, to do the same testing or recognition of their own departments to begin weeding out the bad apples that are affecting so many. I know those who work around myself and recognize those who are more bias and predjudicial towards other races. I believe the police departments need to review their own with these types of prejudices. We are all some how and some way discriminatory, but it is our self recognition of what drives these predjudices. I dislike and distrust red headed fair skinned people and must push myself to look at each individual uniquely. I recognize this is much more difficult when the police must look at every altercation or incident with skepticism and fear while pushing past this for the safety of others.

    There’s also the need for police to stop shooting to kill to diffuse a situation. As well as, everyone, no matter color, need to heed extreme caution with every police stop.

    I don’t know what you will do with these thoughts but I hope and pray we can begin to heal all of these wounds on all sides. We must look at each other as people with families before looking at colors.


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