Robin Roberts, CBS News, Lorne Michaels Among 2013 Peabody Award Winners

photo (11)By JERRY BARMASH

Excellence in electronic media was on display at the Peabody Awards ceremony. The 72nd annual awards brought out some of the biggest names from television.

Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts was honored for an ABC News program documenting her rare disease.

Roberts tells Tuned In that her decision to go public wasn’t taken lightly.

“I can’t have any regrets when I know how many more people are now registered to be bone marrow donors,” Roberts admits.

Less dramatic, but equally as worthy, HBO’s Game Change was recognized. The pay-cable movie was the story of 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Director Jay Roach says picking the right person to play the starring role was pivotal to the success.

“There was a lot of expectations about who would play her because Tina Fey had done such an incredible job in a certain version of interpreting her,” Roach tells Tuned In. “That wasn’t the version we were looking for.”

So Roach, who has directed several big screen comedies including Meet the Parents, began a search for the perfect Palin.

“We wanted to find someone who could be compelling, strong, as charismatic as Sarah Palin. But also could play it with the kind of depth you would need to make her a real person,” Roach says.

ABC News also won for Superstorm Sandy coverage, while CBS’s 60 Minutes took multiple trophies back to West 57th Street.

Lorne Michaels received a rare individual award for his many decades at the helm of NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Actor, stand-up comic D. L. Hughley (top) brought his talents to Comedy Central with a satrical documentary giving his own spin on being black in America.

“Comedy for me is what I do. I try to make people laugh in as much truth as I see it,” Hughley tells Tuned In.

Looking to follow-up, Hughley has another Comedy Central special in the works.

“I don’t know that it’ll win a Peabody Award. But I think in the same vein of the stuff that we did here, it will take a comedic look, I think an ironic look, at what we hold dear in our society,” Hughley says.

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