Bill Evans Claims His Wife Scratched Groin During a Fight



Details are beginning to emerge in the alleged domestic abuse incident involving WABC weatherman Bill Evans and his wife, Dana.

Yesterday, the estranged couple appeared in Stamford Superior Court separately to give their sides of the ugliness that ensued May 4.

The WABC meteorologist claims his wife “grabbed the waist band of his underwear and reached for his scrotum with her free hand, subsequently scratching [the scrotum], which resulted in bleeding,” according to the affidavit by a Greenwich police officer.

Bill Evans also claimed that the Battle Royal started after she humiliated him in front of their children.

The court document states that “Dana then punched him with her right hand on the left side of his face while holding the keys and then slapped him.”

The affidavit says she attempted to “karate kick” her soon-to-be divorced husband. Bill said in the document that’s when the private parts scratching took place, and added that he pushed his wife away. But Dana returned with a wooden hanger that she hit him with across the rear and back.

Dana Evans‘ version, according to the court document, has major variations.

One difference, she reportedly claims that he shoved her and she tried to kick him away.

He grabbed her leg, forcing her to fall, she said. Then Dana alleges that he punched her in the right eye with a closed fist as she backed away. She insists she used the clothes hanger in self-defense.

Paul Callan, is a lawyer and CNN contributor, who represented the scandal-ridden former WABC meteorologist Heidi Jones.

Despite moral clauses in place for virtually all high-profile broadcasters, Callan believes that Evans will get his morning slot back at WABC in due time.

“In this case, Evans appears more victim than aggressor as the wife is charged with a coat hanger assault on a particularly sensitve area of his anatomy. In a world where ratings rule,  the popularity of weatherman Bill Evans and the fact that only the wife appears to have been armed,  suggests that the storm will pass and the crime will be forgiven,” Callan tells Tuned In. “The public and ABC understand that divorces are messy and that the injury to Mr. Evans’ scrotum and as well as his ego will constitute more than adequate punishment under the circumstances. His media career will survive.”

For now though, Evans is off the air, although the station will not comment on personal matters of staffers.

Bill and Dana Evans were charged with third degree assault and disorderly conduct. They were ordered to stay away from each other.

Ironically, former WCBS anchor Rob Morrison appeared at the same Stamford courthouse yesterday. He won the judge’s approval to spend more time with his 7-year-old son Jack.

The revised order of protection permits Morrison to pick up his child at his estranged wife’s home with

Under a revised order of protection, Morrison can now pick up the boy at his estranged wife’s house in Darien. Ashley Morrison, the CBS MoneyWatch anchor, is still required to give written approval.


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