WPIX’s Tamsen Fadal Appearance on CBS Angers Her PIX Colleagues


Did you catch CBS’ The Talk Monday? The women’s roundtable discussion ended the show with Channel 11 lead anchor Tamsen Fadal as a guest.

Fadal was billed as a dating expert, having written a pair of self-help books on the topic.

She was comfortable and clear, smart and sassy in the two short segments sharing her expertise. Fadal sounded better than the regular hosts, including Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert, a fact not lost on one PIX insider.

“She is much better suited for The Talk than anchoring.”

Fadal visited The Talk with the gravitas that comes with being a serious news anchor. So discussing when to “jump in the sack” after a break-up might not be befitting of her stature.

Following her appearance, Tuned In sampled the WPIX newsroom for their take.

“Fadal, who is trying to be taken seriously as a New York City news anchor, was on a national show being labeled as a relationship expert and [she] is recently divorced.”

Tuned In attempted to get reaction from those who matter, news director Mark Effron, GM Eric Meyrowitz, and Tribune honcho Larry Wert. Instead, the station spokesperson spoke for the station and the company.

“This was a good opportunity for viewers to sample Tamsen and find PIX11.”

However, Fadal was only referred to on the broadcast as a PIX11 anchor, without a mention of her specific anchoring duties.

Tamsen PIXBack in the trenches, that sentiment appears lost on many staffers. Another staffer asks seriously, “When was the last time she left the newsroom to do a story?”

Beyond that, when was the last time an anchor of one channel appeared on another? The oddity was enhanced for viewers with a promo for that night’s WCBS newscast.

Fadal anchors the ratings-challenged 5 and 10 p.m., and Effron has previously given her his support in station meetings.

A source jokes, “So Trib bosses think it’s OK for her to go on CBS, talk about her failed marriage and sex life, while running promos for WCBS at 5, which is kicking our butt. What’s next an appearance on Good Day?”


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