WABC Meteorologist Bill Evans Returns to WABC Following Personal Dust-Up


With no fanfare, Bill Evans took his usual spot in the “Weather Center” for Eyewitness News This Morning. The WABC/Channel 7 senior meteorologist returned to the air for the first time since a double domestic dispute last month that led to the arrests of he and his wife.

Not surprisingly, the station made no comment to Tuned In. Furthermore, there was no “official” welcoming back of Evans during the broadcast. Anyone who failed to hear the tabloidy stories about a fight between Evans and his wife that allegedly included damage to Evans’ private parts, were not going to get a refresher this morning.

Longtime colleague N.J. Burkett took to Twitter and Facebook with this reaction.

“Great to see my pal, Bill Evans this morning!  (But you’ve got to fix the forecast, Bill–I’m off this week!!)”

Some questions may never be answered. Was this a situation where Evans’ popularity in the morning won out? Did WABC not want to upset the apple cart with its powerful ratings in the early morning news wars?

Following the arrests, and as testimony began to be reported, attorney Paul Callan, who represented former Channel 7 meteorologist Heidi Jones in her criminal matter, gave his prophetic thoughts to Tuned In in the Evans matter.

“In a world where ratings rule,  the popularity of weatherman Bill Evans and the fact that only the wife appears to have been armed,  suggests that the storm will pass and the crime will be forgiven… His media career will survive. “

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