Breaking: Frances Rivera Accepts Buyout from WPIX

WPIX130806062959The anchor winds are blowing at WPIX.

While the focus of most people’s attention at Channel 11 has been evenings and Tamsen Fadal, Tuned In has learned exclusively that morning is about to get a makeover.

Frances Rivera, the PIX Morning News co-anchor, has accepted a buyout. Insiders say she will stay on the air until the end of the month.

Tuned In attempted to reach the station for comment.

Rivera teamed with the popular Sukanya Krishnan for the three-hour morning program beginning in August 2011. It could be that viewers never warmed up to Rivera. As in the evening, the ratings have been poor opposite powerhouse Good Day New York at WNYW, although Channel 11’s best numbers have actually been in the a.m.

“When it comes to news anchor teams, good chemistry is the hardest thing to find.  And here’s proof positive,” an insider says. “Frances was liked as a person, but you didn’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to notice the lack of, or existence of, any chemistry between her and Sukanya. I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did.”

Rivera was hired by former news director Bill Carey. Rivera, we’re told, fell out of favor with Mark Effron.  He became WPIX news director in April, working to revamp the formatics and ousting some talent that Carey brought in.

Insiders tell Tuned In that Effron is looking to hire a male anchor to work with Krishnan. WPIX has already been holding many anchor auditions for a male anchor to supplement Fadal at night.

Krishnan remains on maternity leave.


25 thoughts on “Breaking: Frances Rivera Accepts Buyout from WPIX

  1. Kenneth Davis

    I think wpix made a big mistake by getting rid of Francis Rivera, they should have gotten rid of Sukanya, Francis was much easier to look at & seemed much more professional, Suki is big loud and laughs like a horse and dumping Lynn White was a bad move too I’m now a Good Day New York viewer

  2. Pat Ciccone

    I thought Francis Rivera was electrifying and lit up the television. I thought everything was perfect. Please if you can, keep me advised what she is up to. Best to her lovely family.

  3. Bob gutowsky

    I disagree, because I liked the team which included Francis. I will no longer watch wpix because she was the main reason I tuned in. I am sure you have your business reasons for your decisions but my friends and I have our reasons to change our viewing preferences which is leaning to channel 5. Please let us know if and when you decide to bring Francis back. Thank you Ob

  4. Steve Williams

    i’m from a small town in canada , but i watch pix 11 almost every morning . I believe someone there has a problem with good looking women , first Jill Nicolini , now Frances Rivera , she was as good a news anchor as you have on the show .

  5. gary

    I miss Frances Rivera. It is all politics and ratings and the fact someone upstairs at WPIX just didn’t see what a valuable asset Frances was to their newsroom.

  6. Debra S

    Yes, Francis is a good looking woman but she didn’t seem to “fit in”, same with Julie. Instead of Cory I think Dan would have been a good match and keep Marysol in the field. Also, I think Monica should come inside every now and then too. There’s so much bad out there and this news team seems to help lighten the load. And to knock Suky is uncalled for, she is out there for and with the people, she’s always reminding us of Avonte the missing autistic kid. If it weren’t for her I would have forgotten about him a long time ago. Oh, never get rid of Dr Steve, he’s easy on MY eyes!

  7. esther

    i miss Francis my daughyer and i looked forward to seeing her and suki every morning.we wish her health and happiness for the new year.

  8. chynna

    I was wondering what happened to Francis o think she was amazing now they have Corey he’s boring and bland and not easy on the eyes

  9. Truth Hurts

    It’s strange how in a business focused on ratings, the wizards at WPIX-TV & Tribune haven’t figured out that Sukanya Krishnan drags the show down. I’ve seen the ratings go down, and rather than replacing Sukanya, they change everything AROUND her. The only smart thing those idiots producers have done recently is bringing Marysol Castro into the morning show.

    Hey WPIX-TV and Tribune…want to keep the behemoth Sukanya on the morning show? Put her on from 4a-5a, when most people are asleep.

  10. viewer

    the revolving door swings again. yawn. one pretty one gone, next! hispanics/phillipinos are passe now. the TV morons all want indians… who’ll be the 1st to have an bollywood anchor who’s a snake charmer. no wonder no one watches local tv news any more

  11. angelina

    I loved Francis, Im a woman easy ont he eyes and liked her not only for that. IDK why they got rid of Jill or her, I loved them both and watching them before I got on that morning train and commute off to work and we all know how that can be in NYC. Oh and point of this is….keep the hot girls on in the morning, when is Suki out I have had enough of her….!!!!

  12. Tony A. Pizarro

    I truly believe that their was a personal matter involving MRS. Francis Rivera. She did the best anyone could do on WPIX 11. The director did not care for Mrs. Rivera and that is the bottom line. She deserves another break, why take someone’s job? Let that person (Director) go through what she had to endure. MRS. Francis Rivera I truly believe that you will be doing better, everything thing takes time.

  13. Danny Pryor

    I love WPIK I have adapted to the changes and will always watch WPIX although I miss Lynn White Frances Rivera and John Muller bring back word on the street or something similar keep being creative and go WPIX


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