Debating Anthony Weiner’s Mayoral Campaign with NY1 Anchor Errol Louis

weinerEvery year’s election cycle is filled with controversies, but the transgressions of former congressman Anthony Weiner have upped the ante in 2013. The sexual scandal that caused Weiner to resign in 2011 reared its head after he began his campaign for mayor last month.

NY1 is set to televise the latest debate of Democratic candidates for mayor tomorrow night with anchor Errol Louis moderating. He tells Tuned In that the circus surrounding Weiner has dissipated, primarily because the voters have already spoken.

“The reality is that Weiner has not, in my opinion, overly dominated the coverage,” Louis says. “He got his turn in the sun because he was interesting and newsworthy. [Weiner] got his turn at the top of the poll, and now he has yielded that spot.”

Despite losing support from many constituents, Louis believes Weiner will be on the primary day ballot September 10.

“It would just be logistically almost as difficult to end the campaign as to finish it out,” Louis says.

Even with Weiner staying in the race, Louis says Weiner’s dalliances are no longer a focus on the campaign trail.

“He’s less of a target to the other candidates, and he’s frankly less newsworthy now that he is no longer the frontrunner,” Louis admits.

However, that’s not the case in the race for City Comptroller, where polls show former governor Eliot Spitzer has a big lead over Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Spitzer left office following a prostitution scandal, but for Lewis that’s where the comparisons to Weiner end.

“[They] were different enough, as far as their history, their campaign rationale, and the offices that their running for, that they’re not really quite comparable,” Louis says.

As for their personal transgressions, Louis adds, “I think of them as apples and oranges.”

There’s one another important delineation, however, between Weiner and Spitzer.

“By seeking a lower office, Spitzer made it easier for himself, because he wasn’t asking the public for a promotion,” Louis says. “In this blog post I was reading, the writer suggested that if Weiner had decided to run in his old City Council seat in the 48th District [Brooklyn], he would have won it in a walk.”

Joining Weiner for tomorrow night’s debate at Town Hall in Manhattan are other mayoral hopefuls, including current frontrunner Bill de Blasio,  Christine Quinn and John Liu.


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