Exclusive: Attacked WINS Anchor Says He ‘Would Not Have Survived’ Without Neighbors’ Intervention

brian-carey22Brian Carey is opening up about the incident last week that put him in the hospital. The WINS afternoon anchor gives Tuned In exclusive first comments about the beating.

As we reported, Carey was pounded into unconsciousness at his Upper East Side apartment. Carey was in the ICU with a broken jaw and eye socket.

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More details emerged. The Daily News says Carey’s attacker was a homeless man who the anchor had befriended; The New York Post took it a step further reporting from a “police source” that Carey had a sexual relationship with the homeless man.

Carey, though, shoots down that story from his hospital bed.

“The account in the Post about my attacker’s relationship to me was totally inaccurate and hurtful,” Carey tells Tuned In.

We attempted to get clarification from Carey about the conflicting, yet closely related, newspaper accounts.

Carey, 52, who is recovering and has regained the ability to speak again, says his condition was quite serious.

“I am so very grateful to my neighbors Ann and Mary Praino,” Carey admits. “If they had not heard and acted on my calls for help, I would not have survived.”

Reports say detectives questioned a homeless man, who allegedly picked up food for Carey, but upon returning became enraged.

“I thank the WINS and media family and social network friends,” Carey says. “Their concern means more than words can ever say.”

Surgeries are planned for today. We’re told that Carey has been transferred to a private room.

Photo: 1010wins.com

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