Breaking: Larry Mendte Out at WPIX

LarryMendte_ComingCleanLarry Mendte is the latest casualty of the new WPIX regime. Tuned In has learned that Mendte is no longer with Channel 11 or Tribune. A well-placed source confirms that Mendte’s contract wasn’t renewed, but that the parting was amicable.

Astute viewers of the revamped 5 and 10 p.m. newscasts with Scott Stanford and Tamsen Fadal noticed that Mendte and his nightly commentaries have been conspicuous by their absence since earlier this month.

Mendte, a three-time Emmy winner for his PIX pieces, joined WPIX in February 2010. The commentaries originated from Channel 11, but aired on several other Tribune owned stations. Mendte’s departure is the latest purge by news director Mark Effron to eliminate the staff hired by former news director Bill Carey.

Mendte could be thought-provoking or controversial. He used his platform on multiple occasions  pressing Congress to pass the 9/11 First Responders Health and Compensation Bill. When it passed six months later, Mendte was honored with several awards

In 2011, he made a historic trip to Libya. He was the only journalist to accompany former congressman Curt Weldon on a peace mission.

There was also anchoring at PIX for the veteran broadcaster. Mendte was part of the Hurricane Sandy coverage with Kaity Tong and Jodi Applegate. He was also on the air for 12 straight hours with Fadal as one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was killed by police.


5 thoughts on “Breaking: Larry Mendte Out at WPIX

  1. Frank Allegro

    Gentelmen, I watch your news broadcasts every day . Am and pm. Excellent reporting. A great crew. However, I miss Larry Mendete and Frances Rivera. Two talented reporters.

    1. Mark E

      Good riddance! His opinions were self-serving and biased. When he commented that the kid who asked a girl to be his prom date on a school wall and was subsequently denied to attend his prom got what he deserved,that sealed the deal for me that he was nothing but an arrogant SOB. Glad he got flushed down the toilet where he belongs!

  2. Timothy Case

    Larry Mendte on PlX 11 was bad enough, but losing Lionel, or Mocker would be a deal breaker between me and this station.

  3. Jackie

    I just heard that Larry Mendte won three Emmys. That doesn’t surprise me. But I also found out that he is not working at WPIX anymore. Are they insane? He was one of the main reasons I watched. I always felt that he would tell me the truth.

  4. Kmahlon

    Best decision of all time. Too much commentary, not enough good hard news. Larry Mendte offered nothing particularly interesting. Time for fresh blood.


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