ABC’s Rob Nelson Takes Anchor Slot at Channel 7

wabc2Overnight viewers may know Rob Nelson for his three years with ABC News Now. Nelson has also been a co-anchor on the network’s America This Morning. Staying in the company, Nelson has been named weekend morning anchor at WABC, succeeding Phil Lipof. Last month, it was announced that Lipof would leave Channel 7 for WCVB in Boston. His final newscast is December 8. A WABC spokesperson confirmed Nelson’s hiring, which was first reported by @Ny_NewsObserver. Nelson is not expected to start until sometime in January.

In March, Nelson was switched to dayside at ABC News. He was a correspondent for all platforms and programs.

As ABC News President Ben Sherwood remarked in a statement at the time, “Rob’s reporting, grace and humor infused each broadcast with a winning style he perfected over many years.”

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    Hi Jim,

    I appreciate the feedback and take all comments very seriously. I’m sorry that you aren’t going to return to my blog. Yes, I have had many WPIX posts in the last few months. It wasn’t my plan to do so many, but when I deem something to be newsworthy for the blog I run it. I pride myself on trying to get the story first. It doesn’t always happen, but I try as much as possible. So to say I’m usually last with news pieces is unfair. My focus in recent months, though, has been away from the blog due to my Sandy remodeling. I would have gladly written you personally, but you didn’t include an email address.


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      You can delete my comment, it should not be so present, it was just for your reading, not meant for everyone to read. And I can honestly say after reading it again, it was out of line, and I do apologize.

    1. Wanda

      I’m looking for the answer like the other viewer, I have Direct TV and want to watch Rob Nelson deliver news but need to know how to access WABC. He should be on Good Morning America. I have not watched anything on ABC since he left. I switched to CBS station.


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