Here are the 4th Annual Barmash Awards

Eyewitness News TeamThe holiday season isn’t over until we hand out the Barmash Awards. Our 4th annual list highlights the best TV news personalities of 2013 in New York.

The category of Best Anchor–a competitive group, to be sure. But our choice is WABC/Channel 7’s Bill Ritter. He is the most confident and has the best chemistry with his co-anchors.

Honorable Mention: WNBC’s David Ushery and WCBS’s Cindy Hsu. We didn’t make a separate anchor category for the weekenders. But Ushery and Hsu are no “second-class citizens,” holding their own with their weekday brethren.

Ushery and Hsu have many years of anchoring experience, and both have been passed over for a larger presence during the week. Ushery, though, has been a main fill-in for venerable Chuck Scarborough.  Plus, this election season, he was the host of WNBC’s debate programming.

Best Weather Anchor— Janice Huff/WNBC.

At times, it appears that Huff hides under the radar. She’s not as demonstrative as Lonnie Quinn at WCBS, or as entertaining as Mr. G at WPIX. But Huff is an accurate forecaster and like a good friend, she’s always there.  Huff is a quality broadcaster, and a perfect fit for the Channel 4 ensemble as she approaches her 20th anniversary at WNBC in 2015.

Best Sports Anchor—Rob Powers/WABC.

In just three years since becoming the lead sportscaster, Powers has struck a great balance in finding his own voice, while not straying too far from Scott Clark’s longtime style.

Best New Anchor— Sibila Vargas/WNBC.

The Queens-born anchor joined Channel 4 in October. In the short time that she has been noon and 6 p.m. co-anchor, Vargas has shown her depth as an anchor with strong news judgment and she has a great personality.

Best New Reporter–Dray Clark/WABC.

After five years reporting for his hometown in Philadelphia, Clark has joined Channel 7 as a general assignment reporter. His hard-nosed style makes the easy transition to the Eyewitness News team.

And the Barmash Awards’ top award —Best Anchor Team of the Year goes to: Bill Ritter, Sade Baderinwa, Lee Goldberg and Rob Powers/WABC.

The 11 p.m. group is traditionally the ratings winner each sweeps period. Ritter and Baderinwa are masters at bringing the right mix of serious and lighter fare to the broadcast. Goldberg and Powers add to the strong team.

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  1. Buddy Seibert

    Interesting that in the “Best Weather Anchor” category you mentioned Lonnie Quinn, who speaks so fast, he trips over his words and Mr. G, who sounds like a monotone robot, but, no mention of John Elliot (CBS morning)?!


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