Scott Shannon Makes ‘Choice’ to Start Anew at WCBS-FM

shannonCBSFMMonday can’t come soon enough for Scott Shannon. The legendary air personality is about to embark on the next phase of his career–fronting WCBS-FM’s morning show.

Earlier this month, Shannon parted ways with WPLJ, announcing he was retiring from the station after more than two decades co-hosting morning drive with Todd Pettengill.

No one should be surprised by Shannon’s quick action for a return to radio.

“Sometimes when you read, one word is more dominant than the other,”¬† Shannon tells Tuned In. “But it always said retired from ‘PLJ. I guess no one’s ever retired from a station.”

Without delving into the nuts and bolts of his departure, Shannon says it was his choice to leave after more than 22 years.

“I was involved in the decision,” Shannon says. “It was just time to make a change.”

While we waited for Shannon’s next gig to emerge, we got clues. In an interview with the Daily News he told David Hinckley that he expected to be back on the air in a “couple of weeks.”

Following the failed experiment that was Elliot Segal, rumors circulated that Shannon might be headed to venerable WOR.

“I never misled anyone to thinking I was going there,” Shannon admits. “I had discussions with them. I certainly was capable and willing to do a show on a talk radio station.”

Shannon’s only stipulation–no politics. But he was open to doing a general interest program with interviews.

“Fortunately, or unfortunately, the timing just didn’t work out.”

Shannon, a member of multiple Halls of Fame, was also courted by CBS-FM, which ultimately proved to be the better fit. He says three conversations took place with the classic hits station in the last few years.

“I wanted to do two things, and I had to make a choice,” Shannon says. “I have tremendous love and passion for music, especially music that we actually grew up with.”

His passion for oldies is heard on Cumulus’ True Oldies Channel, where the plan is that he’ll remain as host.

“We worked it out.”

With Shannon’s arrival at CBS-FM, Dan Taylor gets shifted to middays, while Ron Parker is off the station’s playlist. The morning show will keep regulars Mr. G, Joe Nolan, and Deborah Rodriguez. Shannon also says we can expect more contributors to the show, including a co-host.

“I’ll put together a new team… But there’s a good skeleton crew there.”

Now after more than two decades sitting next to Pettengill in the ‘PLJ studio, Shannon is opposite his longtime colleague. But the newest CBS-FM personality isn’t worried about direct competition.

“He does what he does, and plays the music he plays, and I do what I do,” Shannon says. “We’re both going to be on the radio in the morning in New York, but there’s plenty of people for each of us.”

Shannon, who remains in touch with Pettengill, adds that there isn’t much overlap between¬† listeners of WPLJ and CBS-FM.

Shannon is also famous for his programming acumen at ‘PLJ and Z100/WHTZ. But states unequivocally that he has no interest in that role at CBS-FM with program director Jim Ryan.

“Not a bit. I’m done programming.”

3 thoughts on “Scott Shannon Makes ‘Choice’ to Start Anew at WCBS-FM

  1. Joe Martelle

    Change can be scary !
    It takes courage to make a change, and to leave one’s comfort zone. Certainly 22 years at the same station is definitely quite the comfort zone. The right move, or change if you will, can pump up one’s adrenaline. I think Scott knows what I’m taking about. For my dimes worth, Shannon, Mornings on CBS-FM is the right move. It’s a perfect fit and a win-win for both parties.
    All my best, Scott
    Joe Martelle
    Mesa, Colorado


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