Breaking: Tom Llamas Exiting WNBC

LlamasHe’s a multiple Emmy Award winner. He’s covered the biggest stories since joining WNBC in 2009. Tom Llamas is leaving 30 Rock. Insiders say his last day is Friday.

Tuned In has learned that news director Susan Sullivan told staffers in an email today.

Llamas went from general assignment reporting to anchoring to more comprehensive investigative pieces.

No word on Llamas’ next move.

Among the breaking news he covered for Channel 4 and NBC News viewers were the Boston Marathon bombing and the earthquake in Haiti.

In June of 2013, Llamas was taken off the noon anchoring slot to concentrate on the I-Team reports. He has maintained the 5 p.m. broadcast with Shiba Russell.

Also last year, Llamas snatched the Best Anchor prize at the New York Emmys.

11 thoughts on “Breaking: Tom Llamas Exiting WNBC

  1. Ted David

    Another news operation that has totally lost its way. People on the air who I have never seen before, many who don’t BELONG on the air. Others who have done good work and established themselves getting pink slipped. What a shame.

    WCBS-TV has the corner on the NY news market. Great team, consistent players. CH 7 is fine for what it is, I just don’t happen to care for what it is.

    WOnder what happened with Tom.

    1. Jose

      It’s being reported that Tom is moving onto Network. Weather it’s with NBC, ABC, CBS or one of the cable networks is anybody’s guess.

    2. Forrest

      If you are the Ted David, congratulations. You have an excellent voice and delivery. I enjoy WCBS broadcasts, but I listen only with the clicker in hand. Their announcer has the most awful and annoying voice. He does voice-over in other places also. Please tell me it is computer generated.

  2. Mike

    Wow, that’s really a shame. I’ve always enjoyed Tom’s reporting. Perhaps it WILL give David Ushery a well deserved opportunity.

    FWIW, there’s only one person I wish would leave the anchor desk, and that person doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Oh, well.

    Tom, best of luck to you, whatever you end up doing, which I’m certain will be great work. Thanks for being here for us.

  3. Karin Taylor

    We will MISS Tom Llamas. Thanks for all your hard & interesting work. You & Shiba made a GREAT TEAM!!!!!!

  4. Joe

    He’s going to ABC.
    This issue has nothing to do with Llamas’ talent. It shows how stupid WNBC management is. Tom always had his heart set on a network career. He’d been working part time for NBC News all along, even leaving the anchor desk for long stretches to pull bureau duty. That never works. Ask Bill Ritter. Besides, Llamas was never gonna be heir apparent to Chuck.
    So why did WNBC agree to this silly set up? Because the (rightfully) insecure managers at WNBC wanted to make brownie points with the higher ups at 30 Rock and bond over their love of Llamas. It sounds crazy but it’s true, because at WNBC the mission isn’t to win, but to please your bosses and keep your job.

  5. maureen casey

    My Husband Bill and I enjoyed watching Tom and Shiba together they were a great team. Looking forward to finding Tom on CBS or ABC


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