Looking for a ‘Fresh’ Start; Jim Douglas Out at WWFS

Jim-DouglasVeteran morning personality Jim Douglas is on the radio sidelines after his exit from WWFS/Fresh 102.7 this week. Douglas had been teamed with Kim Berk for nearly 20 years, including the last five at the CBS-owned FM.

“I wish my partner, Kim, well,” Douglas tells Tuned In. “She’s an amazing talent so whomever they put in that chair, she’ll make them better than they thought they could be.”

But for now, sources indicate Berk will fly solo on the morning show.

Douglas and Berk, a.k.a. “Jim and Kim” started waking up Long Island listeners in the mid-1990s at KJOY/WKJY (now branded K 98.3). The native New Yorker was born in Bellerose, Queens, and grew up on Long Island.

WWFS is housed on Hudson Street with the entire stable of CBS New York radio stations.

“I got to know lots of the people at WINS AND WCBS AM. I’ll miss watching the amazing work they do,” Douglas adds.

No word on Douglas’ next venture, but “I[‘ve] got lots of golfing to get in!”

46 thoughts on “Looking for a ‘Fresh’ Start; Jim Douglas Out at WWFS

  1. camille

    Dont listen to Fresh 102.7 now that you’re gone. Its just not the same. Best of luck and hope to hear you on the radio in the near future.

  2. laura

    Missing Jim in the morning! Just not the same without him. Hoping that he returns to the air soon if he gets tired of golf! Also hoping that there will be a press release if he does so we know where to find him.

  3. Anthony

    Well, I guess that’s the end of having 102.7 programmed on my car stereo in the morning. Always listened for your entertaining banter — now there’s no reason for me to tolerate the continual hints thrown out there that someone lives in the Greenwich Village. Kim is a sweetie, but c’mon –stop already with your wonderful luck of living in the village. Make sure you get the info out there when you find your next gig, so we can reset our dials.

  4. Patricia

    Why is Jim Douglas gone? He was the best! Big mistake, big! Hope we find him somewhere else. The show is not the same without him, going have to switch

  5. Rosemary

    I’ve been following Jim Douglas since 105.1-Radio is not the same without him. It is Jim & Kim- Nothing against Kane-he just doesn’t cut it. Let us know where you are Jim-

  6. Beedee

    I haven’t listened to the radio in a few day’s utility this morning to find out that your gone. I’ve been listening to you right before the daparture of wnsr. I finally found you at kjoy and followed you again to fresh. I will find you again when you finally settle at a sation. Lots of luck.

  7. Yolanda

    102.7 made a big mistake with the departure of Jim. I think we should boycott the morning show until he returns.

  8. Jackie

    We are so upset that Jim has left the morning show with Kim!!!!!! We’re so not enjoying the last couple of weeks of radio without him!!!!!!! Unfortunately, even though we enjoy Kim, we haven’t enjoyed the new pairing. We may have to change stations 🙁 Sorry!! My kids and I are missing our morning tradition of listening to Kim’s college with Jim on our way to school and work 🙁 . But we’d like to wish Jim the best of luck in his future and to his family as well. A sad listener 🙁

  9. Alane Paturzo

    I was hoping Jim was on vacation, but since his name hadn’t been mentioned I knew something was up. I enjoyed listening to him and Kim on my 9 mile 40 minute commute in Staten Island. It’s not the same–back to Sirius XM in the morning.

  10. Lynn

    I too thought Jim was on vacation but was suspicious when I didn’t hear his name mentioned. I don’t even know who the guy I’ve been listening to is but sorry it’s not the same – Jim & Kim banter was the reason I listened, they had a history and their camaraderie “showed”. Sorry Kim, maybe you can make it work with another person but I don’t think I’ll hang around to find out.

  11. Karen

    Wowwww I also thought Jim was on vacation. Not the same without him!! My son and I listen every morning on his way to school. Gonna give Kane a chance, but only because we like Kim. Hopefully we can find where Jim went… Fresh won’t be the same 🙁

  12. Nancy M

    I don’t know if the new co-host Cane is permanent but I do not care for him. He is arrogant to the contestants on Kim’s College and just doesn’t have a warmth to him.

  13. Mary Mongioi

    So upset by this…was hoping and hoping Jim Douglas was just on vacation…don’t like Kane…not his voice or his sense of humor…and Kim…what a BETRAYAL…why is she still there and saying nothing? So much for them being a TEAM. Back to Sirius and the Pulse….until Jim finds a new radio home!

  14. Janet

    Jim Douglas made that morning show so entertaining. Fresh 102.7 have had the listeners guess where he was instead of letting us know Jim was replaced. The show is boring now. I am looking for a new morning show. Jim forget golf find another NY radio show so we all can listen.

  15. Amy Makar

    What happened to Jim. At first I thought that Jim was on vacation. Then when he wasn’t there again and the DJ didn’t say filling in for Jim So I started to wonder what happened to Jim. Him and Kim were such a great team. I listened to them when they were on KJOY and followed them to WCBS.

    Please tell me what happened. Very sad


  16. Vivian

    I was very sorry to hear that Jim is no longer on the morning show with Kim. The show is just not the same. 102.7 made a big mistake. Best of luck to you Jim. Miss you!

  17. Linda

    It sounds that it was not Jim’s decision to leave. I thought Jim & Kim had great chemistry and worked well together. However, I do think Kane is getting more comfortable at the job and although he cannot replace Jim, I think in time, people will warm up to him.

  18. Laine

    I have been missing Jim for weeks. At first I thought he was on vacation, but they were never mentioning when he would be back. No mention even now. I guess I missed the announcement that he was gone. So sorry to read just now that they let him go. There is no fresh start without him. As many times as I tried to call in for Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge could never make it through. Plenty of people listened and they Jim & Kim started my morning off with laughter. I miss his voice and his banter with Kim. I hope I find out where he goes next because I will not be listening to 102.7. Mornings are not the same.

  19. Mary Lou

    Horrible mistake! The banter was magic between Jim & Kim. Gave us a wonderful alternative to the other chauvinistic crap that is on at that time. Really not enjoying the station at this venture. BRING HIM BACK –
    Reunite him with Kim!

  20. MT

    This is sad; whats worse is that they are ignoring the topic on the show.
    I’ve reverted back to Z100. I never enjoyed Kim – and w/o Jim its just unbearable.
    Totally sad about this.

    Jim we’ll follow you!

  21. Lisa

    Very sad to hear Jim is gone. The morning show is just not the same. Kim and Kane just don’t have the same chemistry.

  22. nancy k

    Like the rest of you. . .1st week thought vacation. 2nd week thought, ok still vacation. Finally googled today. Sad that my morning is just not the same. Followed them to Fresh. Time to look for a new morning wake up. Good Luck to them all.

  23. Diana

    I thought Jim was just on vacation. Can’t believe he is off the air without a word. I have been loyal listener for many years and loved the Jim & Kim banter. Love Kim, but Kim & Cane just not the same. Come back soon Jim, I hope there will be a press release as well, so we know where you are. Enjoy your golf for a while but come back soon!

  24. clbtw

    Bring Jim back ! Not the same morning show. I tried listening to the “new” show but it’s not the same. The favorite part of my morning commute was listening to Jim & Kim. Please just bring him back. I’m pretty sure Kim is missing him too.

  25. dianne

    Jim. Come back. No mention of why you left. The chemistry now is flat and forced. Looks like I’ll be,switching elsewhere. Just not the same. The loyal listeners deserved to know the deal.

    1. Cindy

      Did I miss something? I had to Google Jim’s name to find out why he wasn’t on the radio in the morning. Kane and Kim? No offense to Kane and I know change is supposedly good and hard for people but why break up a good thing? Word of advise to Kane – pick it up. You seem dull and Kim is carrying you.

  26. Susan

    This was a bad mistake I have listened to Jim and Kim since k joy and I just thought Jim was vac, could not listen to the station sorry Kim but Jim’s replacement is boring! I say bring back Jim or sorry Kim you need to get back with Jim!

  27. Susan

    I will not longer listen to the morning show without you Jim.
    Kim is great, but without you the dynamics will never be the same and I have no desire to listen any longer. I wish you the best in your future.

  28. Dan

    I have been listening to Jim and Kim forever and I am so upset that Jim is no longer on the radio I know I will not be listening to this station in the morning anymore.

  29. Rita

    Really missing Jim in the morning. Not a fan of the new guy Cain! Sure hope we hear were Jim goes so that I can switch to the new station. The morning is not the same. Please hurry back Jim!

  30. KV

    Going to miss Jim & Kim the morning show is just not the same.
    I listened to them when they were on KJOY. Jim Douglas made that morning show so entertaining.
    Feel sorry for Kim. Kane I do not care for him, not his voice or his sense of humor
    Will not be listening to 102.7.

  31. Lorraine

    I pretty much have given up on both CBS owned stations in NY…First they took Dan Taylor off in the morning on CBS (I was a channel changer)…and then Jim Douglas…They were both amazing talents and made waking up in the morning fun…now the 102.7 show is flat and missing chemistry. I had been thinking of getting satellite radio, and now I’ll look more seriously at it. Sorry Kim, I really like you.

  32. Roxanne

    I miss hearing you in the morning. You and Kim had such wonderful chemistry. As great as Kim is, its just not the same. Best of luck in your future endeavors whether they take you to another station or just the golf course.

  33. Pat M

    Not sure why just Jim Douglas was let go since Jim and Kim was always a team. Show not the same. Part of the fun of listening to that show was their banter. Just not the same now. You should consider bringing Jim back

  34. Judy

    Looking for a new station. Totally not the same without Jim. Show flows is quite awkward. Best to you Jim and thanks for all the years of entertainment!

  35. Bonnie

    i am now retired so I am. OT up with the radio on as early as when I worked but recently had the Jim & Kim Show on the radio as always. Didn’t hear Jim so I went straight to google. very unhappy he and Kim split up. The show is flat & boring there is no chemistry. Jim & Kim’s banter was fresh& funny always made me laugh early in the morning. I cannot listen to 102.7 mornings cause they lost the spark Jim & Kim started the day off with was snuffed out. Now looking for another station. Sorry Kim.
    I hope one day jim & Kim will reunite they are a team unless of course they had a fight! No matter how you look at it, the mornings are just not the same.

  36. Priscilla

    I’ve listened to Jim and Kim for many years. Jim is the better half, kind and real and funny. Cane is arrogant. Need to find a new station for my long commute.


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