2015 New York Emmy Awards Rundown

B9lXa8FIYAAYH1T (1)For a night, the cutthroat business of television news embraces itself at the New York Emmy Awards. Of course, some had more to embrace than others.

In one of the top awards of the night, Best News Anchor, Adriana Vargas from Univision 41/WXTV upset some big names: WCBS’ Chris Wragge, and a trio of WPIX talent– Tamsen Fadal, Scott Stanford and Sukanya Krishnan. Stanford, however, didn’t go home empty-handed, winning the Best Sports Anchor prize.

Channel 41 also was chosen Top Morning Newscast, defeating WCBS, and a pair of WPIX entries, while its rival Telemundo 47/WNJU won the biggest hardware–Best Evening Newscast.

WCBS’ Lonnie Quinn earned his fifth Emmy as top Weather Anchor.

Along with Stanford, Channel 11 gave newly installed news director Amy Waldman plenty to smile about, as the Tribune flagship took home 15 trophies. Mario Diaz and Jay Dow won multiple awards.

sarahSarah Wallace, who ended a remarkable 30-year tenure at Channel 7 with a bitter divorce from the station earlier this year, received a nice ovation from the ballroom in winning for Best Investigative Reporter.

Wallace alluded to her exit, saying it made this award more special.

When her former WABC-TV colleague, senior meteorologist Bill Evans, came to the stage as a presenter, he said to Wallace, “You are the class of the business.”

Channel 7 longtime correspondent N.J. Burkett, overseeing his final Emmys as president, took to the podium praising fallen reporters Lisa Colagrossi and John Slattery.

Krishnan said if she had won, the Emmy would be dedicated to Colagrossi.

Slattery was nominated for Spot News, but ironically his colleagues at WCBS won for their Metro North derailment coverage.

Larry Mendte left WPIX last year, but was still eligible, and won for Best Commentator/Editorialist–his fifth straight year.

Another Channel 11 castoff, Lionel also took home an Emmy in a writing category.

YES’ Michael Kay was selected Best Play-by-Play announcer.

Bob Wolff was given the Governor’s Award for a record-setting sportscaster career.

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  1. Rose Mikulka

    I just cannot stand Tamsen Fadal. She always appears to be saying, “Hey guys, check me out.” She is more about making an impression with men than caring about what she is reporting. I cannot watch the news on channel 11. Please replace her!


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