Source: WCBS’ Cindy Hsu Out on Medical Leave

cindyIf you’ve been tuning into Channel 2 on the weekend, you’ve noticed Cindy Hsu is M.I.A. from her anchoring duties.

The veteran WCBS weekend anchor hasn’t been on the air since late July. Hsu’s absence is shrouded in secrecy.

However, the mystery may be somewhat revealed.

While most people in the newsroom are in the dark as to the circumstances, a station insider believes Hsu is on short-term medical leave. No other details are known, but the insider says it’s “nothing dire” and that Hsu is “going to be OK.”

The source adds that the station is anxious to welcome Hsu back at the Broadcast Center.

The 49-year-old Emmy winning anchor/reporter has been a mainstay at Channel 2 for 22 years.

3 thoughts on “Source: WCBS’ Cindy Hsu Out on Medical Leave

  1. lou montemarano

    I’ve been a fan of Cindy’s for many years and quite frankly I’m glad to hear that she’s coming back. I’ sorry for her current health situation, whatever it may be, and I wish her a speedy and full recovery. There have been so many “Cindy stories” which she usually reports about and quite honestly, although I follow WCBS/2 religiously and enjoy all the anchors and reporters, no one does it quite like Cindy! She seems like a very private person and you have to respect that. I can’t wait to see her back on the air. Get well to a real classy lady! Miss you Cindy.


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