WPIX Anchor Tamsen Fadal Draws Ire of Viewers

tamsen3Instagram, Twitter, Facebook—take your pick. Social media platforms are here to stay. And, apparently, so is how the news personalities use it.

The millennials rule the world. You see people everywhere looking down at their smartphones while walking, or sadly even behind the wheel. You would think news organizations are above the fray.

We’ve seen a marriage in recent years between local news and social media. Reporters can promote a story with photos from a scene. Think of it as a director’s cut on a DVD or Blu-Ray, providing extra content for interested followers. The person in the field can even engage in an impromptu live chat before going on the air. It’s a win-win for the journalist, the audience, and of course, the station.

But too many times, it doesn’t work, and is actually being abused by the talent. Even when beneficial, how often are the reporters more concerned with getting that shot for their social media fans than working on the on-air package?

Then there are the anchors who have a different mindset. Several want to stay connected with their loyal base, to the point of writing about personal information. For example, a veteran morning anchor took to Twitter, posting a picture sitting in the ER in a leg cast; another gave a medical update or his injured eye.

“Is anything private?” questions a veteran broadcasting insider.

WPIX’ Tamsen Fadal might be the worst offender, though. As we pointed out in an April 2014 piece, Fadal was routinely caught typing on her phone, not wanting to miss that next tweet or text.

Some things never change.

Near the top of the late newscast Thursday night, Fadal was at it again. As the camera pulled away from a single shot of co-anchor John Muller, a wide angle shows Fadal on her phone, texting, etc. (above)

tamsen“It just doesn’t stop,” one viewer tells Tuned In. “She doesn’t put the damn thing down. What can she possibly need to text during a newscast? She’s supposed to be working!”

While TV is certainly a visual medium, Fadal is showing that looks are her top priority. On Twitter, the hugely popular PIX product has more than 57,000 followers. She recently changed her avatar to look more Nordstrom model than news anchor.

“I just cannot stand Tamsen Fadal. She always appears to be saying, ‘Hey guys, check me out,'” another viewer says in a recent Tuned In comment. “She is more about making an impression with men than caring about what she is reporting. I cannot watch the news on Channel 11. Please replace her!”

The anonymous broadcaster ponders: how did we get to this point of self-indulgence?

“This noble profession of gathering, decimating and delivering the news with perspective has turned instead into an hour that is part fashion show, part Dancing with the Stars, and part American Idol. The anonymous insider adds, “Young beautiful female anchors go on Facebook, always with hands on hips, to show off the new dress they’ll be wearing at 11.”

Although many of today’s viewers enjoy the online interaction with the “celebrities,” playing into the┬áreality TV generation is not necessarily the right route.

“I may be old fashioned, but the first lesson in journalism is and always was: ‘It’s not about you–it’s about the story.'” The broadcasting insider admits, “Now it’s always about them.”

6 thoughts on “WPIX Anchor Tamsen Fadal Draws Ire of Viewers

  1. Brinkley

    Tamsen Fadal is awful — unbearable and absolutely unwatchable. I really couldn’t care less how she looks, but her on-screen persona and her delivery are dreadful. She’s condescending, and she doesn’t have the chops to deliver truly serious news without sounding flippant. She really looks as if she doesn’t care about what she’s doing. I started watching Channel 11 because of the personable (and attractive) Jodi Applegate, and I thought I’d give Channel 11 a try with the new anchors. They are abysmal. It’s been a while since I watched, and it’s not worth tuning back to until they get rid of her, and while they’re at it, John Mullen, who reminds me of Beavis.

  2. Steve

    Tamsen Fadel is the worst anchor New York has ever seen. I guarantee she is not checking news sources on her phone, she is looking to see what people are saying about her or she is flirting with her new guy. Her entire appeal is to the management she sucks up to.

  3. Liza Smith

    Tamsen Fadal has won half a dozen Emmy Awards and is the best news anchor working in New York City. So she tweets and posts during commercial breaks? So what! How old are the dinosaurs who whine about it? I for one and happy we have a local news anchor who realizes that the younger generations get their news from multiple platforms. Lighten up, old folks, and keep up the GREAT work, Tamsen!

    1. Lorraine Romero

      Tamsen Fadal, is doing nothing different from other reporters in this now New Year 2016. She is an outstanding anchor and we all look forward to seeing her and John on the 5 pm news each evening.
      Her use of a tablet or iphone has never ever taken away from her work performance with PIX 11.

      She is talented beyond her years!!


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