Kaity Tong Back to Weekends at WPIX; Kori Chambers Heads to Weeknights

kori-chambersWhile Brenda Blackmon is officially out as anchor at WPIX, her 6:30 p.m. co-anchor is staying put at the station. Kaity Tong is returning to weekends as solo anchor of evening broadcasts.

Multiple sources confirm Kori Chambers (left) is moving to weeknights, where he’ll join Tamsen Fadal at 5 p.m. John Muller maintains his anchor role alongside Fadal at 6 and 10 p.m.

PIX has been unable to find the secret sauce for sustaining an audience, leaving staffers perpetually frustrated.

“This is the third anchor switch in less than two years,” One station insider tells Tuned In. “All management is doing is rearranging bad talent that doesn’t work in any daypart.”

Tribune ended the 6:30 newscast Friday. Viewers will get the syndicated game show Celebrity Name Game instead in that time slot. 

It’s also a pink slip for executive producer Chris Knowles, a former Channel 11 meteorologist.

While PIX plays musical chairs with the anchors again, the insider says this is a larger problem for management.

“The newsroom finally needs an experienced news director with a winning track record. Amy Waldman has been a disaster and ratings reflect it.”




10 thoughts on “Kaity Tong Back to Weekends at WPIX; Kori Chambers Heads to Weeknights

  1. Recovering TV Exec

    They won’t be successful at WPIX until they get rid of Tamsen. She doesn’t relate to a NY audience…Manhattan maybe…not Queens, Brooklyn, Jersey or L.I.

  2. Charlie Velten

    I like Tamsen but there is a little bit of to much limousine liberal in her. Also the rapper, beyonce, Hamilton stories everynight. As well as the cop bashing , pro black lives matters and general hard left turn the station has taken in last few years probably contributed majorly to the tatings decline. Tamsen should probably do an morning talk show. At times it serms she tries to hard to be down with the struggle as they say in the community. But its not believeable when she probably lives in a doorman guarded apt in Manhattan, fifteen flights up. But if you really want to lose the test of what little audience you have get rid of KT. Then youll really be on trouble. In closing report the news, stop the over pandering to certain communities. White people still live in the city too ! And no more insetting a left wing agenda in every story. Then you will have success. KaityTong is the heart and soul of that station. Shes carried you guys the last 25 yrs. Ive watched her for almost 30. Whatever Kaitycupcake wants give it to her. Shes all that you got. With exception. Mocker ,Stanford, and G ! So make the queen bee happy !

  3. Genaro S. Jaramillo Guitton

    WOW, just WOW! The Kaity and Brenda show was a great addition to the lineup as they are 2 NY Icons that nobody else can have and now the news director just meesed it up (again). I wish Brenda the best on her lupus related stuff as she is a very respected woman and deserves my respect. John Muller is a great evening anchor and should not leave his 5pm slot. This musical chairs is getting very annoying every 5-7 months as they keep changing their anchors more than I change my underwear. PIX 11 needs to get rid of Sukanya Krishnan (I’m pretty sure there are many people want this to happen) from the anchor desk and replace her with Kirstin Cole and Craig Treadway (Scott Stanford should return to his sports desk during the week) and let them anchor from 5-9am. Krishnan has got to go because of her lack of chemistry.
    Here is how PIX 11 should line up their anchors:
    Weekday Mornings: Kirstin Cole and Craig Treadway
    Weeknights: Tamsen Fadal and John Muller (5&10PM)
    Kaity Tong and Kori Chambers (6PM and also fill in when either John or Tamsen are off)
    Weekends: Kala Rama and Dan Mannarino
    I would’ve put Jim Watkins on the list for 6PM if he was still around today and also Peter Thorne for the weekends if he was still there.
    I’m sorry but Amy Waldman is not doing the way viewers want.

  4. Barry Rogers

    Kaity Tong and Brenda Blackmon were great together. Kaity never should have left weeknights in the first place and it was great having Brenda back on the air. If they want to move Kori Chambers to weeknights, team him with Kaity at 5 and Brenda and John Muller at 6. They can dump Tamsen Fadal as far as I’m concerned. She just does not relate to the audience. That’s probably why Channel 2 got rid of her. When it comes right down to it, Channel 11 will never get this right until they drop the CW Network and bring back OUR Channel 11 the way it used to be.

  5. Crosstown News

    Anyone who thinks talent and show decisions at WPIX are being made by station news management obviously does not know how Tribune works. Tribune corporate makes all those decisions. Local managers are the fall guys when things don’t work out.

  6. TimFanJam75

    I have to disagree with blaming WPIX’s problems on the current stable of on air talent, if anything the stability and skills of Muller, Fadal, Tong etc is a strong asset for the station, I’m always informed and entertained when needed.

    For this viewer the conflict has always been with the unstable management picks, it’s caused countless tonal shifts and content struggles, but it’s not just Tribune that has this struggle, local news is always trying to catch a trend, usually long after its “a trend.”

    Right now the 6pm WPIX newscast is the best on air, it’s a solid and dependable hour. The critics sound more like bitter bettys with an axe to grind instead of actual viewers!

  7. Gustav Farley

    I wish Brenda blackmon nothing but the very best includes the lupus research. As for sukanya krishnan, can anybody please leave her alone? She didn’t do anything wrong. She has nothing to do with certain partners she worked with.lf they think that suki is the problem because of the chemistry? that’s not true!!!

  8. Delta Vee

    1. Create a ‘gossipy’ infotainment show for Suki [a la Wendy Williams]
    2. Replace Suki in AM with Tamsen, teamed with Scott
    3. Team Kori with Kirstin Cole in the evening newscasts
    4. Team John Muller & Kaity at 10PM
    5. Team Narmeen & Dan Manarino on weekend evenings & 10PM

    1. Genaro Jaramillo

      Nope, I disagree, Tamsen Fadal and John Muller are fine together for weeknights and that shouldn’t change and for Scott Stanford, he needs to come back to sports during weeknights, him and Mr. G do it best. Kirstin Cole and Craig Treadway should anchor weekday mornings from 5-9. Let Kaity solo anchor for weeknights at 6pm so she can compete with other legendary anchors in the 6pm time slot. And then for weekends, let Kala Rama Solo anchor and adding Andy Adler back As the weekend sports anchor. And I didn’t leave Kori Chambers behind, he should focus on reporting all the political coverage and the family first segment. That’s how PIX should be fixed.

  9. Rich

    I only watch PIX News at 5 on weekends. It’s so hard to get local news on weekends because of all the afternoon sports on the network channels. I liked Kaity, but I liked Kori better.
    I tried to watch PIX NEWS at 6 weekdays, but I found those 2 anchors really bad. Also I prefer a solo anchor rather then a duet.


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