Insider: Krishnan Apprehensive About Future at WPIX

Time heals all wounds. Unless, of course, you’re referring to WPIX. With ratings still in the tank, nerves are rattled that an overhaul is on the horizon. But for now, morning executive producer Chuck Carter is exiting this week.

He and news director Amy Waldman didn’t forge the best relationship. Ironically, while many staffers are upset with the station direction under Waldman, sources tell Tuned In that Carter is no fan favorite either among the East 42nd faithful.

“I can’t tell you how many people have left under Amy’s watch,” a source says.

Insiders say another big name could join that list as veteran morning anchor Sukanya Krishnan is apprehensive about her future at Channel 11. Her contract is expected to expire within weeks, and a move could free up large sums of cash for Tribune. Krishnan is part of PIX since 2001, and was named anchor of the Morning Show in 2004.

Many people speculate that upstart 5 a.m. anchor Kala Rama could be waiting in the wings to replace Krishnan.

The Morning Show did lose its longtime meteorologist Linda Church, who left in January, despite begging her to stay on through the February sweeps period. She declined. We’re told Church had become increasingly fed up with management.

For those who remain looking up in the ratings at the other newscasts, they continue to scratch their collective heads wondering how Waldman is still in charge.

One source calling her “clueless” and others say she should have been fired a long time ago.

7 thoughts on “Insider: Krishnan Apprehensive About Future at WPIX

  1. Gustav Farley

    I think it is terrible to lose a outstanding morning news anchor like sukanya krishnan. The lady has energy and talent. No disrespect to ms. Kala Rama, it will not be the same without Suki. Period!

    1. Kim

      Suki will be missed. I’ll just watch another station like Fox 5. Suki keep your head up. You can anchor somewhere else. You are a true professional. I miss Linda Church.

  2. Mike

    Outstanding morning news anchor? What show have you been watching? She’s obnoxious . Maybe I’ll be able to watch again when she’s gone.

    1. Gustav Farley

      If you have nothing positive to say, do me a favor, I don’t say any negative things about Suki please?

  3. Tracy Shaw

    The main reason I watch WPIX 11 News in rhe morning is because of Sukanya Krishnan. WPIX 11 will never be the same and if she leaves I will not watch WPIX 11. I would love to meet this incrediable Women. I admire and have much respect for. I will miss you Sukanya. Your like family. Much Love and sucess to you and your family. I hope WPIX 11 realizes what an incrediable, amazing ans valuable person they would be losing. If not their loose and somebody else gain and furtune.

  4. Gustav Farley

    If pix 11 morning news ratings taking a nosedive after they fired sukanya Krishnan, they should have dropped the news director as well.


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