Sukanya Krishnan Fired at WPIX

Viewers hoping to bask in the final week with Sukanya Krishnan on the PIX Morning News are in for a rude awakening.

The longtime anchor, who emotionally told the audience earlier this month that she’s exiting Channel 11, was fired after Thursday’s broadcast.

Sources tell TunedIn, her exit is connected to Betty Nguyen, an accomplished former CNN, MSNBC and CBS anchor, as the replacement for Krishnan. We’re told that news director Amy Waldman forced talent to promote the new hire on their social media pages. Krishnan, though, balked, saying in effect, “I’m still here,”

That’s when the ugliness ensued for the 16-year PIX star.

Waldman, sources say, felt it was insubordination and led directly to her calling Krishnan’s agent about the termination.

But the embattled manager went one step further. In quite the Trumpian move, we’re told she ordered staff, in particular morning co-anchor Scott Stanford, to never mention Krishnan’s name on the air or face their own firing. As late as Tuesday, a PIX spokesperson confirmed she was staying through Friday, May 26, the last day of the sweeps period.

Kala Rama takes Krishnan’s spot at the anchor desk on a temporary basis.

However, Stanford’s future at PIX is still uncertain. Insiders say time is running out for him to decide between a sports return in the evening or leaving the station.

Krishnan joined PIX in 2001 and the became a mainstay of their morning newscast for 13 years.

17 thoughts on “Sukanya Krishnan Fired at WPIX

  1. Gustav Farley

    I was hoping to watch Suki for the next 6 days on the air on pix 11. After I read that sukanya Krishna was fired insubordination? You got to be kidding me. I was hoping that she is leaving the pix 11 in good terms at the end of next week. Now pix 11 fired suki, I may not watch the pix 11 morning news again because the way management mistreat her like that. Back in 2005, pix 11 fired Lynne white after the morning newscast. And now fast forward l just found out that sukanya Krishnan got fired after the news cast yesterday. It’s unbelievable.

  2. Nicholelibra

    I wasn’t a fan of Suki, because she often times came off as a bully to male co-anchors and waifty female co-workers, but even she deserves better treatment than that.

    Also, too bad to hear about Scott. I started to like him as a morning guy.

  3. Buddy Seibert

    WPIX should just drop the news and replace it with old Bugs Bunny cartoons. Might help the ratings.

  4. Maria

    This station treats the talent like trash. After 17 years that’s how they behave toward Sukanya? It’s like musical Chairs. First John is let go for no reason, then he is back.Dan was an anchor then not, and now he is a anchor again.
    Poor Scott-same deal.
    Fans see this mayhem and it is disgusting.
    Maybe Amy Waldmen is the problem, not the talent.

  5. Gustav Farley

    Hi maria, this is Mr. Gustav Farley from Brooklyn NY. How are you doing? The reason that I am not watching the pix 11 morning news is that sukanya gave 17 years of service to pix 11 for what nothing? That is criminal the way they mistreated her. Here’s my prediction for the future, according to my sources, if the news crew such as Dan, Betty Byron the new weather guy are really boring, either gonna to fired Amy waldman or cancel the pix 11 morning news. To replaced that boring program with Suki and Scott show. That’s all I’m saying. Take care and god bless.

    1. Génaro Jaramillo

      Hey Pal, I’m pretty sure I told you that Betty Nguyen is a huge improvement over Sukanya for a huge fact. Betty and Dan bring professionalism to the table unlike Scott and Suk did. Part of the reason that they offered Betty this job is they knew that Suk has caused a lot of problems with any of the staff at WPIX. After 17 years of being obnoxious and throwing many of her coworkers of the bus, she got what was going to come for her soon. The morning show will go in a right direction from now on. No more fake falling off chairs, singing or mistreating her coanchors like sh*t.

  6. Gustav Farley

    Ms betty nguyen is huge upgraded over ms. Sukanya Krishnan? Do you know what, you are so insane Mr Genaro. My sources tell me that since Dan and Betty took over a couple of weeks ago, this show dry, dull and boring especially the new weather guy. And I believe them whether you like it or not. If it continue this way, I do see a huge improvement. I am really sorry to tell you PAL!

    1. Genaro Jaramillo

      I can’t complain a lot because I like when the show is really dry because they (should) inform people about the news instead of doing a lot of stupid antics. I’m loving how channel 11 is improving their ratings because when Suk was the face of the show (as she claims that she was), the ratings were poor and were being flushed on the toilet that easy. Call me an insane person for Betty Nguyen is a huge upgrade and has a talented voice and is very professional. Can’t complain more. As for Byron, he’s also a professional meteorologist since he has a lot of experiences in the past. Him, Mr. G and Craig Allen have their own background in the weather department with AMS Seal of Approval respectively.
      Don’t be sorry sir, this change is better. I don’t miss Suki at all after what she mistreated her co-anchors (Kori Chambers & Andy Adler) and which led me to lose my respect towards her in the first place. She can take her nasty attitude somewhere else because Betty Nguyen is welcome to stay at WPIX and will not be disappointing me. Kori Chambers, John Muller, Tamsen Fadal and even Scott have survived from that obnoxious of Suki as they received an upgrade to the evenings and are doing a better job, even John and Tamsen since they have Mr. G along with him.

      1. Genaro Jaramillo

        Oh, and have I mentioned that Kala Rama does a better job too? She is a very professional version of Suk. I was proud to meet her in person and stating that she is a professional morning anchor.

  7. Gustav Farley

    The ratings is improving since Dan & Betty took over for Suki and Scott. Right? In all due respect, you are in bloody insane.

    1. Genaro Jaramillo

      Hey, at least they’re doing the right job instead of fooling around. And Scott is doing better in sports with picking on Mr. G every night. Love those 2.

  8. j. ellwell

    Apparently Jerry Barmash won’t publish any posts with criticism of anybody he likes, but it’s okay if people rip people he doesn’t care for. #FakeJournalist


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