Scott Stanford Returns to WPIX Sports Desk

It’s dizzying at WPIX as Scott Stanford is heading back to sports. Stanford, who just won an Emmy for Sports Anchor, is taken off news for the second time at PIX.

Last week Channel 11 terminated Sukanya Krishnan faster than expected when she refused to promote new morning anchor Betty Nguyen on her Facebook page.

With Krishnan’s exit, station honchos led by news director Amy Waldman opted for a fresh start in the AM.

Stanford joined WPIX in 2013 after serving as Bruce Beck‘s sports backup. Stanford parlayed some news anchoring opportunities at WNBC into co-anchor duties with Tamsen Fadal. However, within nine months, Stanford lost his news gig and settled into first his sports role at PIX.

But Stanford had another chance to explore news, this time alongside Krishnan on the morning news.

For all that bouncing and becoming a yo-yo, not to mention confusion for viewers, Stanford just keeps on rolling along (I can hear him singing it now)!

If you’re wondering what happens to Andy Adler, sources say the ball’s in her court whether to return to weekend sports anchoring. She and Stanford would also host Mets and Yankees pre- and post-game shows and other sports features.

Adler just announced her engagement to Doug Ellin, the 49-year-old creator of Entourage.

As for Nguyen’s new co-anchor, we’re told the station is searching for candidates with reporter Dan Mannarino (who is covering the terrorist attack in Manchester) as a possibility.

Mannarino’s one anchor stint at Channel 11 wasn’t the most memorable other than its length, lasting just a few weekends with the venerable Kaity Tong.

But as we see at PIX, everything is new again.

2 thoughts on “Scott Stanford Returns to WPIX Sports Desk

  1. Genaro Jaramillo

    The era of stupid antics are finally coming to an end in which it was needed. I’m pretty sure Betty and Craig should become the final team for the morning. They’ll do the job done in no time

  2. Gustav Farley

    Since the untimely firing sukanya krishnan, I don’t really care who the hell the new anchor person will be is sitting next to Betty nyungen. If you want to hire someone, you are the one should promote that person to the next anchor person not the one who been in this news business for a long time. Since they didn’t renew the contract of sukanya Krishnan, why she is the one doing it?


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