Greg Kelly Out at Fox5; Lori Stokes Takes the ‘Good Day’ Seat

The long run for Greg Kelly as co-anchor of the successful Good Day New York is over. He’ll say goodbye with a tribute Friday, TunedIn has learned. Lori Stokes (below), the veteran morning anchor at Channel 7, is ready to grab the seat next to Rosanna Scotto, starting Wednesday.

But first, expect a tribute to Kelly before signing off Friday morning.

It’s not a complete shock as we speculated last month that Kelly was likely the “odd man out” with Stokes’ impending arrival.

The why is more complicated.

Kelly and Scotto were a ratings juggernaut, even eclipsing the network news programs on occasion. The popular duo were together for four years until a 2012 promotion landed Kelly as the WNYW lead evening anchor. But just six months later and Kelly is an asterisk to history, one of the worst anchor stints in New York history.

Kelly resumed the famed chemistry with Scotto in January 2013.

Despite that strong rapport, several people have said Kelly, the son of former NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, isn’t liked by most people in the newsroom.

However, speculation has Kelly liked by at least one person–namely President Donald Trump— in whose administration he could find a position. Sources say Kelly often speaks positively about former Fox morning colleague Heather Nauert and her new role as State Department spokesperson. We’re told it’s actually changed Kelly’s demeanor to calm and happy, a departure from his usual difficult personality.

As for Stokes, leaving the top AM early news program in New York is also curious. But insiders say Stokes bailed on Eyewitness News because she was offered a new contract with a pay cut.

She surprised many last month with decision to leave Channel 7 after 17 years.

3 thoughts on “Greg Kelly Out at Fox5; Lori Stokes Takes the ‘Good Day’ Seat

  1. Theuresa Maven

    Sue, Ann, Tamron, Suki, and now Lori. Do I detect a trend? Glad to see Greg go (found him whiny and anmoying, and skeeved me out way before those allegations), equally happy that Lori landed on her feet. Used Shirleen like whatshername, the anchor who tried to replace Sue.

  2. Theuresa Maven

    Glad that Suki landed okay too. There has been a great deal of really depressing news lately. Appreciate that Roseanna, Lori, and Suki can lighten your humor before you go to work, but have the ability to switch to hard news when necessary.


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