The Return of Chuck and Sue; Emmy Induction Ceremony

The nostalgia flows as Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons stand side by side. The venerable WNBC anchors receive special honors from the New York Emmys. Scarborough, a mainstay on Channel 4 since 1974, is inducted into the Gold Circle. His 32-year counterpart earning the Silver Circle status.

Simmons retired in 2012 after not having her contract renewed.

For Scarborough, it’s yet another on the mantel full of honors, already recognized by the Academy with the President’s Award for lifetime achievement.

“I feel blessed,” Scarborough tells TunedIn. “I feel very fortunate that I have been able to survive this long in this business. It’s a very competitive business.”

But Scarborough being in New York for 44 years–and counting–makes the historic feat even more amazing.

“[It’s] the most interesting, exciting, complicated, bedeviling, enchanting city in the world,” Scarborough, 75, says. “I’m humbled by that and it’s been such a pleasure.”

The blond is there, if only grayer locks around the margins. But the intensity and work ethic haven’t dissipated, as Scarborough focuses on just 6 p.m. Last year, Stefan Holt took the famous seat for the 11 p,m., pairing with Natalie Pasquerella.

“The second you meet him, you get the sense of how passionate he is about this,” Holt says. “Scarborough is such a nice person.”

However, there is more than just respect for the anchor great.

“It’s a privilege to be able to learn from him and to share the newsroom with him,” Holt says.

As for creating your future while colliding with that legendary past, Holt finds the experience awe inspiring.

“He has seen everything and covered everything imaginable,” Holt says. “He’s seen the whole evolution of how this industry has changed, so to learn from him is this awesome opportunity.”

And then there’s Sue.

Simmons was back with her WNBC colleagues, especially Scarborough, who inducted his longtime TV wife into the Silver Circle.

In her inimitable way, when I congratulated her, Simmons didn’t miss a beat, saying it’s because she’s old, as that signature laugh flooded her face.


Former ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer was the other Gold Circle honoree.

Scott Clark, who spent more than two decades giving nightly sports highlights on WABC, was among the eight Silver inductees.

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