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Late Reporter John Noel Still Part of WNBC Website

Noel bioIt was an upsetting time for family, friends and viewers, touched by the death of John Noel, who succumbed to brain cancer last month.

But in a sloppy, disrespectful move, Channel 4 (as of this posting) still has Noel’s bio and photo included with all of his former colleagues.

This is not paying any honor or homage to the popular reporter. This is simply someone in the Web department screwing up. But blame can easily be affixed to management or anyone else in the newsroom for not catching the egregious mistake.

Noel’s full unedited bio remains on the station’s page, along with a link to his Twitter page.

While updating or deleting a staffer’s bio is not usually an urgent matter given their world of breaking news coverage, it is inexcusable and somewhat creepy to keep a dead man as an active member of WNBC. Can we just let the man rest in peace?

Longtime Channel 4 Reporter John Noel is Dead of Brain Cancer


Veteran WNBC reporter John Noel has died from complications of brain cancer.

We reported that Noel, the Brooklyn native and longtime Channel 4 reporter for the borough, had first suffered from brain cancer last year. He battled back before taking ill again last month. We’re told Noel was being treated at a hospice wing of Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn in his final weeks. The station says Noel was 62.

Tuned In obtained the email that news director Susan Sullivan sent to staffers this afternoon. She said Noel died during the overnight and quoted his brother Randy that John was comfortable and not in any pain at the end.

“What a courageous fight! John was an inspiration to us all,” Sullivan wrote.

Last month, his former WNBC colleague Sue Simmons called Noel “one of the good guys.”

Noel’s Brooklyn spirit, Sullivan wrote, helped keep him focused on reporting even as the treatments ensued.

“His regimen was one most of us could not keep up . He went religiously to the Dojo. But that was not enough for our John . There would be more exercise on the treadmill,” Sullivan said.

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Channel 4 Reporter John Noel Dealing with Brain Cancer


WNBC reporter John Noel is hospitalized with brain cancer. He’s reportedly being treated at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn. Noel, who joined WNBC in 1998, was first diagnosed with the disease last year.

Former Channel 4 anchor Sue Simmons wishes her one-time colleague a speedy recovery.

“John Noel is one of the good guys.  He battled back from the first brain cancer and came back to work,” Simmons tells Tuned In. “A job that everyone knows requires an ability to be quick on your feet.  As always he answered the bell with no fuss…no muss. We keep our fingers and toes crossed!”

A WNBC spokesperson refused to comment on Noel’s condition.

In February, the Brooklyn native appeared at the McDonald’s Black Media Legends event, at which Simmons was one of the honorees.

Noel has been off the air for at least two months. Tuned In has learned that Noel would occasionally show up at work, but was unable to cover stories.

Noel graduated summa cum laude from Brooklyn College. He earned a master’s degree at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

An Emmy Award winner, Noel also was the recipient of the 1999 New York State Broadcasters Award.

Photo: nbcnewyork.com