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WPIX’s Quick Thinking Mario Diaz, Cameraman Get Creative with Dual Rooftop Interview

Mario DiazNo blockbuster Spiderman in the theaters this summer? No problem.

A man set off some early “fireworks” by scaling down the Brooklyn Bridge on the Fourth of July.

While the daredevil had already left the scene, Channel 11 got there to retrace his descent.

Mario Diaz with his photojournalist Ken Evseroff were granted exclusive access to the roof of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Instead of just shooting some exterior shots, they got lucky.

Once on the roof, a neighbor’s guest, who was an eyewitness to the incident, emerged. Diaz initially was screaming across the building to the man, Johnny Peters. Ultimately, the intrepid reporter gave his cell phone number.

What happened next was a great piece of local news coverage.

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