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Magee Hickey of WPIX Among Those Competing for Title of Funniest Reporter

HickeyCue the rubber chicken and the pie in the face, the 8th Annual Funniest Reporter show is upon us!

Eight media personalities will compete for the prize, and most important, money raised supports the Humane Society of New York.

Among those taking the stage for the good cause is WPIX reporter Magee Hickey. Despite being up to the challenge, Hickey (right) admits to being nervous for her first attempt at stand-up.

“I met with my mentor, Mark Anthony Ramirez about what I should do and say in my five minutes routine. He said just be yourself and do what you feel comfortable doing,” Hickey tells Tuned In. “So I find the twists and turns in my own career hilarious. So I will probably just make fun of myself.”

At a charity cabaret that she organized in May, Hickey opened with a self-effacing song about her name and face recognition in New York, complete with a microphone stand showing every TV station that she has worked for.

“Self-deprecating humor is always the best. Maybe I’ll sing. Life is filled with challenges and this is a big face your fear moment for me. I am scared.”

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