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Death of WCBS Reporter John Slattery Shocks Colleagues

johnslattery1He was a consumate pro, who was one of the great New York TV street reporters. John Slattery passed away suddenly early Thursday. Tuned In has learned that the veteran WCBS-TV reporter died of an apparent heart attack in his sleep. A spokesperson could not confirm his cause of death. He was 63. His death comes just hours after filing a story for the station.

His death stunned colleagues and competitors alike.

“We are saddened by the unexpected passing of our friend and colleague John Slattery… He was great at reporting the news and was someone we counted on to cover big stories for us, both here in New York and around the world,” Peter Dunn, WCBS President and GM, said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with John’s wife, Suzie, and their children and grandchildren.”

During a legendary 35-year run in New York City, Slattery intersected with some of the most famous anchors the market ever saw. After a stint at Philly’s WCAU, Slattery reached the big time when Eyewitness News came calling in 1979. He spent five years with WABC, where Roger Grimsby and Bill Beutel still ruled the roost. The station also added Ernie Anastos and Tom Snyder while Slattery was pounding the pavement. While there, he was part of Channel 7’s John Lennon assassination coverage. In 1981, Slattery made history as the first reporter to conduct a post-Watergate interview with former president Richard Nixon.

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Veteran Reporter Pablo Guzman Shares Recollections of JFK Assassination

JFK2The nation was forced to come of age and have its innocence shattered. Fifty years ago today, Americans suffered a tragic generational moment when President John F. Kennedy was gunned down. It was a sunny, late fall afternoon as Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository were about to become part of the lexicon.

It was even harder to fathom for the youth.

Pablo Guzman was 13 years old. He was an eighth grader at Our Lady of Pity in the South Bronx. In the next half-century, Guzman would become a hard-nosed street reporter, primarily known for his work on WCBS/Channel 2. But that fateful day in Dallas would remain with Guzman throughout his career.

“It was permanently etched,” Guzman tells Tuned In. “I went to Catholic school so you can imagine what his election and his murder meant.”

Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic elected president. So parochial schools felt like their “Favorite Son” was killed. But of course, the sadness permeated much deeper.

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