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Ray Hoffman is Dropped by Wall Street Journal, But Not All is Lost on WCBS 880


Ray Hoffman has been the comforting voice dispensing financial reports afternoons on WCBS 880 since 2006.

The updates, although broadcast from the Hudson Street studio, are under the auspices of the Wall Street Journal.

Regular 880 listeners likely noticed recently Hoffman was not there and there was no mention of his being away. Jen Ursillo has taken the p.m. drive business role.

As for Hoffman’s mellifluous cadence, it was caught in crosshairs of cost-cutting. The Wall Street Journal Radio Network sliced a 1/3 of its staffers, leaving Hoffman vulnerable.

“My contract came up and they didn’t renew it,” Hoffman admits to Tuned In. “I wasn’t surprised because I was making a fair amount of money.”

Despite the longevity and familiarity on 880, Hoffman diplomatically wouldn’t discuss if WCBS played a part in removing him from their station.

“I stay away from administration, and I don’t want to get involved with that now or second guess what anybody does,” Hoffman adds. “I know the Journal would have liked to have kept me, and CBS I’m sure would have liked to have kept me doing more than what I’m doing now.”

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