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Time Warner Cable Pulls Plug on CBS, Then Reverses Decision in Extending Deadline

TwcIn a wild night of carrier negotiations, Time Warner Cable and CBS have extended a deadline until Friday at 5 p.m. Thus, millions of viewers can keep WCBS. WLNY, plus CBS-owned Showtime and TMC on their cable boxes.

That’s only half the story,

Last night’s 5 p.m. deadline kept getting extended by hour at a time, as both parties remained at the bargaining table. When it got to 11 p.m. as talks continued, there was a sense that TWC and CBS would do anything to avoid a black eye.

But at 12:04 a.m. a TWC spokeswoman sent a statement proving that would not be the case.

“The outrageous demands for fees by CBS Corporation have forced Time Warner Cable to remove several of its networks and broadcast stations from our customers’ lineups.  As of midnight ET, Time Warner Cable customers in New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles will no longer receive their local CBS broadcast stations.”

WCBS-blue-and-grey-new-logoHowever, people took to Twitter, waiting for the other shoe to officially drop. Despite the strong declaration by Time Warner Cable, many noticed CBS programming remained.

TWC provided an 11th hour to the 12th hour negotiations, with a surprising email at 12:29 a.m.

“At the request of CBS, we have halted going dark on their channels.”
A CBS spokeswoman had no statement, other than to confirm the latest extension and ongoing negotiations.


Time Warner May Drop WCBS in Cable Dispute

TwcIt’s not only a brutal summer outside, but inside, the heat is on as Time Warner Cable and CBS fight, in an all too familiar, carriage issue. The battle puts CBS in a contract struggle with the cable provider. CBS could go dark as early as next week.. A TWC spokesperson confirms CBS’ Showtime and The Movie Channel will follow suit.

CBS is using its resources–mainly TV and radio stations–to promote its side of the story. The voice-over announcer says TWC is threatening to cut WCBS. The narrator goes on to say that Time Warner Cable likely isn’t bluffing with nearly 50 stations being dumped in the last five years.

The squabble also affects customers in Dallas and Los Angeles.

“Time Warner Cable is planning to drop the most popular programming in its entire channel lineup because it won’t negotiate the same sort of deal that all other cable, satellite and telco companies have struck with CBS,” according to a CBS statement.

Not only is CBS proud to be the number one network in the country, it has never been dropped by a cable operator.

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