WPIX Drops Ball on Bloomberg Boston Bomber Press Conference


We’ve been singing the praises of WPIX for its coverage in Boston last Friday. But, it was a different matter today.

The local stations broke in for Mayor Bloomberg’s press conference detailing how the suspects had New York in their sights after the marathon explosions. Bloomberg said the terrorists planned to detonate more bombs in Times Square.

It was big enough news for nearly every station to break in. WCBS, WNBC, WNYW, and WABC were on the air live. But WPIX, which also got high marks as the only local station live from the Vatican as a new pope was elected, was late to cover today’s story.

PIX opted for Judge Mathis. Ironically, once the press conference ended, a special report graphic flew appeared on the screen. With Mario Diaz acting as the anchor, the station wrapped up what everyone else knew if they were watching the major channels. This WPIX coverage was meek as Diaz showed viewers a few highlights in a three-minute special report.

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