Gov. Christie Picks Attorney General as Interim Senator, Skipping the ‘No Brainer’ Campaign for Lou Dobbs


The death of Frank Lautenberg this week forced Governor Chris Christie into political maneuvering. He decided to call a special October election for the longtime Senator’s seat, after an August primary.

Today, Christie started the process by selecting State Attorney General Jeff Chiesa as the temporary successor.

Prior to the announcement, NY1 political host Errol Louis took to Twitter offering a unique choice to grab the spot.

Other names have been discussed for Christie’s consideration, including former Mets and Yankees pitcher, and current YES annnouncer Al Leiter. He told, “Who wouldn’t be interested if the governor of your state for whatever reason of their due process thought [you were] worthy, in their opinion?” Leiter added. “So, yeah. I would be interested.”

But Lewis kept his focus on Dobbs, telling Tuned In exclusively (via direct message on Twitter) that the former CNN business anchor was the best man for the job.

“Lou’s an independent in a state where they outnumber Ds and Rs, plus he’s a first-rate thinker & communicator. A no-brainer for Christie!”

Photo:, Errol Lewis’ Twitter page.

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