WABC’s Carolina Leid Reports on Death of Singing Great Eydie Gorme as ‘Eddie Gome’

wabc_bio_carolinaleid_160x200One-half of the famed nightclub team “Steve and Eydie” died over the weekend. But Eydie Gorme, who was 84, was apparently not well-known to WABC weekend anchor Carolina Leid. Filling in for Michelle Charlesworth yesterday morning, she called the Bronx native “Eddie Gome.” The embarrassing moment was caught on cell phone video.

While the Channel 7 graphic behind and below was accurate, Leid, known for accentuating her first name with the Latino pronunciation, didn’t just make the error once. She also referred to the songstress as “Gome” in the second reference.

One station insider understands the scrutiny.

“It’s unfortunate, but I could easily make the same kind of mistake on a story about a reality TV star.”

Clearly, there’s an age gap between Leid, and the generation that knew Gorme. Perhaps Leid misread the teleprompter. Still, it is no excuse, especially in New York.

Obviously, if you aren’t familiar with a name, ask someone in the newsroom. If that fails to yield results, check the Internet. There are plenty of entries for Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme performing together, or from her solo career.

Despite the faux pas, the insider says, this far from tarnishes her at WABC.

“I think she is well-regarded here. Carolina works hard.”

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