Passionate Viewers Sound-Off About Frances Rivera Dismissal from WPIX

FrancesWhile the buzz has been surrounding night time changes at WPIX, notably Scott Stanford‘s ascension to news anchor, the public is speaking in record numbers about the morning newscasts.

It’s three months since our breaking news filled the Internet that Frances Rivera would not have her contract renewed. We’ve received feedback from dozens of people and we’re still getting comments. Here is a sample of some strong opinions posted to Tuned In.

Chrissy Craig writes, “I thought Francis Rivera did an awesome job…loved her smile…sense of humor and her charm.”

Barbara Fortini says, “I am completely floored! I have been looking for Frances for weeks. Frances Rivera is a very pleasant, professional and enjoyable to watch… Too bad for PIX because many people will not be viewing the news without Frances at the helm.”

Joel Santos concurs, “I thought Francis was out on emergency leave or maybe even vacation, but now morning after morning of not seeing her around, it was obvious something was wrong. I googled Francis Rivera to read this heart wrenching news! This must’ve been a decision based on politics,  because anyone who tuned into the PIX11 Morning News saw there was nothing but chemistry on the air between Sukanya and Francis.”

Vincent Arias writes, “I was a “TODAY” viewer, then finally a local channel– WPIX11 “had everything” Lionel, Frances, Linda [Church], and more great people, it was good! I became a first time fan of a news program. I even recorded to see Lionel and his comments. Finally, there was a news program with personality and character. I was happy. Now… it’s back to “TODAY.” I’ll miss you guys. You had your 15 minutes.”

James also doesn’t mince words, “My wife and I are baffled as to the decision to get rid of Frances Rivera. She has a likeability factor unmatched by any other anchor on PIX. You can tell that she is a sweetheart of a woman and her delivery was always excellent. She will be greatly missed. As to the management…..Stunad!”

Lynette says, “...It’s too much change, too constantly for what viewers are looking to for to come home and relax with. A news team they are familiar and comfortable with. There are too many varieties of news teams and stations for WPIX to constantly play musical chairs. If everyone else is the problem that they have to be replaced— it may not be everyone else— it may be Suki. Frances was pretty, likeable, knowledgeable, and did her job… Whoever is in charge for this month over at WPIX should be worried about being replaced instead of getting rid of a hard working, professional, a new mother such as Francis.”

Keisha adds, “OMG! Did they? Why does this channel hate well-poised women? If anything, I would think Sukanya would be the one to get the boot. She’s super annoying with her lip smacking, loudness, and mannerisms.”

Kevin weighs in, “To be honest, I saw chemistry between both female anchors. If there was a problem maybe they should have sent Frances to the evening slot and Tamsen Fadal to mornings. But I feel Frances had a great personality and was definitely easy on the eyes. I feel they made a very huge mistake buying her out.”

PGC says, “I liked Frances and Suki. I think their complemented each other. As far as reporters go they are two of the best.”

Marie Taylor comments, “I was taught if it works, don’t fix it. Ms. Rivera will be missed. I use to watch the PIX Morning News EVERY weekday morning. I don’t recall hearing that Ms. Rivera was leaving. Why not put someone already working at PIX in that slot? I’m not feeling Kori [Chambers], he doesn’t fit in. You have other workers to replace Ms. Rivera. It shows me that PIX is not loyal to its workers, so why should I be loyal and continue to watch it?”

Peter Mac has this to say, “I enjoyed watching Suki and Francis. Look at the show now. I can not watch any more. Big mistake. If Frances stays in New York TV I will watch. Bad move.”

Tiana Allen writes, “OMG, I just found out that PIX got rid of Frances Rivera.  What are they nuts? I thought Suki and Frances were good together. I watched them everyday, and hoped that they would surprise me with a visit…Frances Rivera–please, please come back.”

“Joe Blow” chimes in, “What is the parent or holding company for Tribune? Remind me not to invest or buy stock in this seemingly, poorly managed company in some depts., probably by abusive management who don’t know how to keep multi-talented and potentially award winning news anchors. First [John] Muller then [Jill] Nicolini & now Rivera? They all rate 11 out of 10 for broadcast journalists!”

Janette goes against the grain, “I’m actually glad for the change. WPIX lost a lot of personality when the original team was torn apart. Francis was never a fit sorry. I had actually stopped watching it – lets see how it goes with the replacement.”

Rich says, “I was never a fan of Sukanya. The only reason I stayed with the morning news was to see Francis Rivera. Now that Francis is gone, so am I. The News Director should have canned Sukanya and stayed with the [Kirstin] Cole, Rivera line up.”





4 thoughts on “Passionate Viewers Sound-Off About Frances Rivera Dismissal from WPIX

  1. Sheryl Walker

    My 14yr old has asked me several times what has happened to the pretty phillipian looking lady. Even my teenager has missed seeing her. Frances I wish you Peace and Blessings in this next step of your journey.

  2. Lenni

    Why is Scott Stanford there? I get that change happens but come on the show is dying! Both morning and evening. Sukanya Craig Linda and Lisa. The best morning team. Tamsen Lionel and Mr. G evenings. The public speaks. Listen.

  3. Judy Sadowsky

    I missed Frances Rivera, she was just right for the job, very pretty, very sweet. There are too many changes on pix. No longer look at that channel.


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