WOR Unveils New Morning Show

WORWOR 710 is marching into the future with Elliot Segal, succeeding John Gambling, who announced his retirement last month. Elliot in the Morning debuts January 13. Segal’s show has been heard in Washington on WWDC/DC 101 and Richmond’s WRXL. It will continue to air on those stations. WOR listeners will get a mix of sports, music, culture, and news from Segal.

“I’m excited to be coming back to New York, to a station with such a legendary history,” said Segal in a statement.  “We have built something very special in Washington, DC and Richmond and I’m beyond thrilled that the show will continue airing on DC/101 and XL-102. Now, WOR will be home to Elliot In The Morning and I couldn’t be more anxious to get going.”

Segal was part of the Z100 Morning Zoo in the mid-1990s.

With the new year, the Clear Channel talk station welcomes Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Their shows are syndicated by Clear Channel’s Premiere Networks. The veteran hosts keep their familiar time slots at WOR; Limbaugh from noon to 3 p.m. and Hannity airs from 3 to 6 p.m.

2014 also means baseball, as WOR will be the radio home for the Mets.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for WOR,” said Joe Puglise, President and Market Manager for Clear Channel New York.  “Bringing America’s top two talk show hosts to our lineup, the entertaining Elliot Segal and his team to the mornings and becoming the flagship station for the Mets will allow us to create unprecedented marketing opportunities for our partners and unbeatable programming for our listeners.”

5 thoughts on “WOR Unveils New Morning Show

  1. Eamon McCarthy

    I first started to listen to WOR RADIO around June of 1962. On Monday Jan. 13 th 2014 i turned on my Radio to WOR around 6;45 am . I heard this Dude( As he likes to call people } must have repeated the following stuff about this dude with Swiss cheese on his penis about 6 or 7 times. Is this the best WOR can come up with. Please come back John GAMBLING In the words of the great Bob Grant RIP get me the Digitalis QUICK

    1. Mimi Ross

      The new morning show that replaces John Gambling is repulsive. I have turned off the radio and refuse to listen. Please WOR do better than that!!

  2. Paul Galow

    The show that now precedes Mark Simone in the morning is the worse radio show I ever listened to. I have been trying but it is outrageously bad.

    John Gambling had a class show. It is hard to believe that WOR has replaced him with this disgusting display of boring bad taste.

  3. Helen T.

    Why in the world don’t you put Hilarie Barsky on the morning show permanetly?
    She’s intelligent, witty and enjoyable to listen to.


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