GM Suspends WKJY Morning Team “Until Further Notice”

steve-leeanaIn the wake of the controversial on-air staged bit at WKJY/98.3, morning show hosts Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson have had their mics turned off indefinitely.

As we reported over the weekend, Harper, who doubles as the station PD, and Karlson created an online whirlwind after a fake stunt about a same-sex family and a mother’s outrage.

GM Dave Widmer tells Tuned In that the pair have been suspended “until further notice.”

Visitors to the WKJY website were greeted by a “technical difficulties” disclaimer Monday. But a message from management says, “An internal investigation was quickly launched which has resulted in the immediate suspension of Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson from the K-98.3 Morning Show.”

But there is a message from management on the page from Widmer.

“K-98.3 has been serving Long Island for over 25 years and we respect the important role we play in the lives of our listeners. We deeply value our relationship with our listeners and are committed to providing them with the highest level of service because they deserve the very best. I sincerely apologize for the actions of Steve and Leeana, their insensitivity to the hurt it may have caused anyone, and for the breach of trust these actions have caused.”

The statement adds that the station has been in touch with local community organizations, including the Long Island GLBT Services Network, “to ensure the fabricated story does not result in further damages with respect to the GLBT community.”

Long Island GLBT Services Network’s David Kilmnick says in the station’s statement, “We applaud the quick and decisive actions from the management team at K-98.3 FM. While we don’t agree with how the information was presented by Steve and Leeana, we do recognize the impact and importance of fostering discussions of this important and sensitive social issue. I look forward to continuing this discussion on the K-98.3 Morning Show with Steve and Leeana upon their return.”

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