Long Island Media Watchdog Files FCC Complaint, Seeks WJKY Morning Hosts Fired for Same-Sex ‘Hoax’

steve and leeanaIt’s the radio stunt heard ’round the world. With WKJY morning hosts Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson suspended until further notice, the Fair Media Council has weighed in.

The organization has filed a complaint with the FCC demanding the hosts be terminated. Harper is also the station’s program director.

As we reported, the duo came under fire for faking an on-air bit last week about a birthday party for a seven-year-old girl with two dads. However, a mother’s RSVP was posted on the station’s Facebook page, angrily saying her son would not be permitted to attend the party.

Harper later released a statement on their website that fell short of an apology, but said he was trying to stimulate conversation on such a hot button topic.

But Fair Media Council executive director Jaci Clement tells Tuned In there is no silver lining for this story.

“It underscores all that’s wrong in media today, embarrasses Long Island with this uneducated, sophomoric publicity attempt and furthers an unfortunate stereotype,” Clement adds. “Where is the good in creating hurt?”

Therefore, having the K98.3 air personalities lose their jobs is not something she takes lightly.

“It’s my job. FMC has been the media watchdog for this region since 1979. It’s not my first FCC filing; no doubt it won’t be my last. Don’t get me wrong: I love media. I love it for its ability to bring you the world,” Clement says. “But I have zero tolerance for media behaving badly, which is what [WKJY] did.”

Clement says she heard of outrage from listeners about the “stunt.” As part of the formal complaint, copies of the letter were sent to Widmer, who is named in the complaint, and the Connoisseur Media president.

General manager Dave Widmer handed the hosts an “immediate suspension,” as a message from management indicates on the WKJY website.

Widmer did not respond to our latest request for a comment.

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  1. Louis dime trio

    Leanna is annoying. She sucked at B103 &. Island 94 Can’t you get rid of her once and for all! She crossed the line with this stunt!


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