Scott Shannon Takes Over Mornings at WCBS-FM

shannonCBSFMScott Shannon, who ended his association with WPLJ earlier this month after more than 20 years, will resurface at WCBS-FM as morning host. The station confirms the veteran air personality starts March 3.

Shannon’s appointment moves Dan Taylor from his usual perch to middays. However, the release did not make mention of Ron Parker, the current midday jock. A CBS Radio spokesperson tells Tuned In that Parker will not return to CBS-FM. “However, we are exploring opportunities to keep him with CBS Radio.”

We’re told that Parker had the best ratings among all the DJs on CBS-FM, particularly in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

Scott Shannon in the Morning will include longtime CBS-FM weatherman Mr. G, along with traffic reporter Joe Nolan.

“Not often does a legendary morning drive personality become available with the experience of waking up New Yorkers for more than 25 years,” Don Bouloukos, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, CBS Radio New York, said in a statement. “CBS-FM is a heritage station, and the perfect place for Hall of Famer Scott Shannon.  We are thrilled to welcome Scott and his award-winning personality to CBS-FM and the CBS Radio family.”

Shannon developed the Morning Zoo format that he brought to New York at WHTZ/Z100 in 1983. He launched the famous “worst to first” campaign as the station went to number one in just 74 days.

He has been inducted by several Halls of Fame, including the National Radio, New York State Broadcasters, and the National Association of Broadcasters.

Tuned In spoke to Shannon last year, and asked about the likelihood of cancelling the “The Big Show” at WPLJ.

“Not to my knowledge. You never say never these days in the radio business.”

Yesterday, WPLJ moved on with his protege Todd Pettengill hosting The Todd Show in the Morning.

One thought on “Scott Shannon Takes Over Mornings at WCBS-FM

  1. Linda Sperling

    Big msitake putting Shannon on instead of Dan Taylor. All you get now is a cacophony of BS, major Shannon ego and uninteresting walks down his memory lane. The guy sounds like he’s got marbles in his mouth. He needs to shut up and play the music.


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