Breaking: John Muller Returns to WPIX; Scott Stanford Dropped as Anchor

Tamsen ScottThe latest drama at WPIX is a doozy. In fact, it’s a rumor that’s been gathering steam. Now it’s official.

Scott Stanford is losing his co-anchor role with Tamsen Fadal. The station is bringing back John Muller, the former morning anchor, to team with Fadal at 5 and 10 p.m.

Muller was an original member of the PIX Morning News when it launched in 2000.

In a note sent to staffers tonight and obtained by Tuned In, news director Mark Effron says Stanford, who joined Channel 11 in September, will be the station’s lead sports anchor and host the weekly Sports Desk on Friday nights.

Effron told staffers that PIX will be increasing in-depth analysis and team coverage of sports in the newscasts.

Although Stanford wasn’t the first sportscaster to make the move to news anchoring, oddly he covered both within the same broadcast.

Stanford has several years of sports experience on WNBC and WWOR.

Muller’s second stint at WPIX follows his tenure at ABC as anchor on World News Now and  America This Morning. He also was a fill-in news reader on Good Morning America.

Muller returns to PIX on June 23.

3 thoughts on “Breaking: John Muller Returns to WPIX; Scott Stanford Dropped as Anchor

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  2. L.A.

    Mark Effron finally made some moves that were long time coming. Scott Stanford, from day one, was NOT an anchor. Not even the Funny Man he thought he was. I would like to see the next move for Scott- OUT THE Door. Cory, don’t get to comfortable, I think you are the next to go. Welcome back John Muller. You were missed. I am glad Effron finally came to his senses

  3. karen kraemer

    Please bring Scott Stanford back as anchor with Tamsen.
    They were a team I liked even better than news 5.
    Thank- you,


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