WNYW’s Greg Kelly Fawns and Flirts With Reporter in Bikini

GilliganGreg Kelly is getting lambasted online about his inappropriate behavior on a recent episode of WNYW’s Good Day New York. Despite his borderline awkward exchange with a bikini clad Anna Gilligan, the blame falls directly at station management’s feet.

Like him or not, Kelly was just being Kelly. We’ve seen these moments before; sometimes they appear contrived when his on-air mom Rosanna Scotto has to reign him in, if not scold him. This was one of those times.

Of course, Kelly isn’t six years old and should know the difference between a good boy and being a problem child.

Gilligan, the Good Day entertainment reporter, was live from Action Park for its reopening. She disrobed to show off her body as she took a swing across the new Tarzan ride.

“I don’t know what’s scarier: the ride or taking off my clothes?” Gilligan said.

Gilligan might have added a third choice: having to deal with Kelly’s near salivating comments.

gilligan 2As Gilligan embarked on the ride, Kelly chimed in: “Wow, here she goes in a two-piece.”

After the demonstration and still in her bikini, a water-logged Gilligan resumed communication with the studio.

“First of all, nice bathing suit!” Kelly said.

But, Scotto attempted to keep her co-anchor in check:  “Greg, stay appropriate!”

“Appropriate” would seem to make sense for a popular TV personality. Let’s not forget the rape accusation against Kelly in 2012.

When Gilligan waved an end to her report, saying she’d be putting clothes on, Kelly shot back, “Hold on a second, Anna, not so fast.”

kelly and rosannaThe camera person made the decision to  move the shot off Gilligan to finish that segment. Not before Scotto took another jab at Kelly, literally with a mock punch to his arm.

“What is wrong with you?” Scotto questioned.

“Just relax,” Kelly cautioned.

The bigger issue is WNYW management having a reporter on the air in a bikini, allowing her professionalism to join Kelly–out the window.

Not that Channel 5 should cater to Kelly, but ratings speak volumes. The show has unseated the Big 3 network shows on many occasions, so Kelly and Scotto are as untouchable as anyone can be in this fickle field.

But news director Byron Harmon shouldn’t be placing his talent in a position to strip during a newscast. It doesn’t matter if that talent is an anchor or a bubbly entertainment reporter. It appears the story was aired for one reason: to get Gilligan into a bikini.

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One thought on “WNYW’s Greg Kelly Fawns and Flirts With Reporter in Bikini

  1. Ted David

    Kelly said nothing that wasn’t on every guy’s mind. Totally agree, the on-air talent should not be asked to all but disrobe. If there was a hostile work environment, it was created by management.

    And since Kelly was not charged with rape, merely accused and it was unfounded, perhaps we should not keep repeating it. It’s like asking someone when they stopped beating their wife. Enough! He didn’t do it, why keep mentioning it?

    Kelly is in the unenviable position of being the ex-PC’s son. Some people have it in for him and while he probably ought to grow up a bit on cam… others need to stop ganging up on him. He is doing what Ch5 and the viewers want, as evidenced by the ratings. And it is all about ratings. If not, someone, somewhere other than PBS would actually do NEWS on a NEWS program.


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