More Tumult at Tribune’s WPIX

PIX11_LogoIn another shakeup at WPIX, Katherine Green is out.

The Senior VP of News at Tribune’s local stations failed to see much improvement at Channel 11. Green, with the company since May, clearly had a WPIX bulls-eye on her back.

During her short stint, the station got rid of its news director, Mark Effron, who hung on for 18 months. Two general managers also exited in the last three years.

The only (somewhat) ratings bright spot is in a crowded field at 5 p.m.  But the station has had no success bringing extra viewers to the 10 p.m. newscast.

“The November book was supposed to be a game changer,” the insider says. “Instead, people changed the channel to other stations.”

WPIX still needs to name Effron’s replacement, and apparently that long process is coming close to an end.

Insiders tell Tuned In that three candidates are left standing for the management position.

Only one of those trio of names is known–Vickie Burns. Her name has been mentioned on the short list once before.

Burns and her iron-fist style ran WNBC and KNBC newsrooms. Less is known about the other potential finalists. We’re told they are both men, with one employed on the network side at ABC.

It’s also not known if Tribune can hit the target date of December 31 for hiring the new news director.

What is clear, however, is Amy Waldman will not be getting the promotion.

Waldman has been the de facto news director since Mark Effron’s exit in October. All she has done in the intervening months is rally more staffers to her side. But insiders says she isn’t considered a solution maker by Tribune brass.

Overall, the station faces more questions than answers in 2015.

“Let’s be honest, the product is tough to watch. But nobody says the obvious, bad choices were made,” the insider intimates. “Tamsen Fadal and John Muller have sunk the late news even further.”

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