Sarah Wallace Appreciates ‘Great Support’ from Former Channel 7 Co-Workers

wabc_bio_sarahwallace_160x200There is shock and sadness still permeating Channel 7. It’s been a week since venerable investigative reporter Sarah Wallace left the station. Questions remain as to why she’s no longer part of the “Circle 7” staff after more than three exemplary decades.

Did Wallace quit? Did she get fired? Was she pushed out by News Director Camille Edwards?

While it may take time for those answers to be revealed, it is clear that the station is devastated by the abruptness of her departure and lack of closure.

“People are heartbroken at the loss. Sarah is respected, admired and loved by her colleagues,” a station insider tells Tuned In. “It’s like a death in the family.”

One veteran anchor takes it a step furtherĀ for her longtime friend and colleague.

WPIX’s Kaity Tong writes on her Facebook page that Wallace is “absolutely THE most dedicated, tenacious, fair, and professional journalist around. She is brilliant. And has been brilliant for more than 30 years.”

Early in their careers, they crossed paths at the same Sacramento station and again a few years later at Eyewitness News. Tong says everyone on both coasts was “in awe of her talent and professionalism.”

To commemorate her birthday Wednesday, Wallace makes this statement to Facebook friends.

“Thank you everyone for all the wonderful wishes and great support! This will be a birthday to remember going forward….It’s all about family and friends and those who matter.”

Tong continues, “I know Sarah will be on the air again soon because she is that good. But I am appalled that Eyewitness News would treat an icon like Sarah this way.”

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