Channel 7 Reporter Lisa Colagrossi Dies From Aneurysm

wabc_bio_lisacolagrossi_160x200Lisa Colagrossi, well respected within the walls of WABC-TV and among her many peers, died after suffering a brain aneurysm while on a story Thursday in Queens.

Tuned In learned the family made the painful decision to remove Colagrossi from life support Friday morning. She was 49.

She worked the early shift on Eyewitness News This Morning to spend more time with her boys, ages 11 and 15.

Colagrossi joined Channel 7 in September 2001, freelancing just days after the 9/11 attacks.

One good friend and local broadcaster describes Colagrossi as “kind, generous, and a women’s woman in a business that is tough for women to be together.”

Perhaps shocked, the station did not air a tribute Friday. Many colleagues, however, turned to Twitter and Facebook to grieve.

Among them, anchor Sade Baderinwa who tweets, “Our hearts are broken at Eyewitness News. Lisa Colagrossi passed away after an aneurysm.:

On Facebook, reporter Josh Einiger writes, :An amazing reporter and a spectacular mother, gone way, way too soon.”

WABC did break the news to viewers on its website. It says Colagrossi was the only reporter on the scene of the Belle Harbor plane crash.

Whether alongside her in the newsroom or holding a different mic flag in the field, “[She was] always a professional and an amazingly hard worker,” a veteran colleague recalls.

The Cleveland native worked in her hometown and in Orlando before calling New York, and Channel 7, family.

Her friend tells Tuned In, “She was funny, straight forward and I loved her. I will miss her. My heart is broken. I feel blessed to have known her.”

Photo: WABC-TV

2 thoughts on “Channel 7 Reporter Lisa Colagrossi Dies From Aneurysm

  1. Chris

    My condolences, prayers and love to Channel 7 and to Lisa’s family. This is such sad news to wake up to this morning. My heart is broken to think that Lisa’s sons will grow up without their mother.

    I know that Channel 7 has so many resources, and I am just a viewer. But, if I can do anything to help, please let me know.

  2. Tanya

    It’s shocking to hear of anyone losing there life at such a young age. I look forward to see everyone each morning when I turn the TV @4:30am it’s sad to hear about Lisa & she was one of the ones I look forward to hear & see, but I see it like this God need some more angles and he choose Lisa. May God be with her family & friends at this time of sorrow. I will continue to pray for her family exspecially her boys. May God bless her & her family Amen!!!


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