Colleagues Cope with Loss of Lisa Colagrossi

11081013_402089466636141_5445076497163986496_nFriends and co-workers are in mourning after the stunning death of Lisa Colagrossi. The veteran Channel 7 reporter died from a brain hemorrhage after covering a story Thursday morning. She was 49.

Longtime WABC-TV anchor Bill Ritter says what most close to Colagrossi are feeling.

“We are all crushed, devastated,” Ritter tells Tuned In. “Lisa was the ultimate pro, and set the bar for how to work hard and effectively as both an immersed reporter and an immersed mom and spouse. I’m filled with sorrow, but also with joy for having known her.”

A familiar face since joining WABC in 2001, at home Colagrossi was hockey mom to her two sons.

In a statement, Dave Davis, President and GM at WABC, says, “All of us in the Channel 7 family are in shock over her sudden death, Our attention is now focused on helping her husband and two children through this difficult time.”

After finishing her morning shift covering a Queens house fire, Colagrossi collapsed in the news van and was rushed to the hospital. Unable to regain consciousness, she died Friday morning.

In the hours before her tragic demise, viewers noticed Colagrossi with a coughing spell. Russell Hammond (@psykotiq325) tweeted her, “somebody needs to get you a drink!”

A prophetic reply would be Colagrossi’s final tweet:

“Not a good way to start the morning!”

Once word filtered out that Colagrossi had died, numerous Channel 7 colleagues said goodbye using social media.

N.J. Burkett gave his Facebook friends a poignant, ironic recollection of Colagrossi—from just a day before her last day on the air—telling Colagrossi how much he admired her reporting and how good she looked no matter the time of day or the weather.

“‘I bet you never hear that enough from all of us,'” Burkett said. …”I’m not sure what inspired me to say all of that, except that I didn’t get to see Lisa all that often.”

WPIX morning anchor Sukanya Krishnan tells Tuned In there’s a void without her great friend and colleague. Krishnan, so upset upon hearing the sad news, was frantically texting her, hoping to get a response.

“I wanted her to fight. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye,” an emotional Krishnan writes on Facebook.

“Lisa, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I love you. I am praying for you. I hope God is listening. We need you. We all love you. I love you.”

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