Tributes for Veteran Business Anchor Ken Prewitt, Dead at 68

Ken-PrewittKen Prewitt, a man who brought his strong knowledge of financial news to radio and TV for decades, has died. He was battling brain cancer since 2012. Prewitt was 68.

In command of his copy, Prewitt was known for long stints providing business news updates on various stations, primarily WCBS 880, first with Wall Street Journal Radio, then through Money Magazine.

During the last decade, Prewitt redefined his spot as one of the best business broadcasters, bringing his booming voice to Bloomberg Radio in 2005, serving as morning host for much of that time until his illness forced a leave in 2013.

Veteran broadcaster Janice Kirkel shares a unique perspective on Prewitt, having worked together at Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

“Ken was someone you could talk about absolutely anything with — not just business news, but theater, history, politics, music,” Kirkel, a WFAN update anchor, tells Tuned In. “He always had great stories to tell and a great sense of humor.”

While attending the University of North Carolina, Prewitt took his first radio job in Chapel Hill. It also led to another lifelong passion, Jerry Azar, former Bloomberg Radio sports anchor, recalls.

“[He was] a journalist whose objectivity only wavered for the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team.”

Winston-Salem and Cleveland soon followed for Prewitt.

But television also began to take notice. In 1983, Prewitt was named business reporter on the CBS Morning News. Five years later, his expertise found a new home–ABC News–where he handled economic stories.

While Prewitt was always professional and structured on the air, Kirkel says when the mics were shut, he could loosen his (literal) tie.

“Our politics were very different, but we even had fun with that. I had always hoped our paths would cross again.”


3 thoughts on “Tributes for Veteran Business Anchor Ken Prewitt, Dead at 68

  1. Stephanie Weil

    I had the pleasure of working at WBBR in 2007 and ran in to Ken quite a few times. He was a sweetheart. Absolutely NO ego, which is rare for big-time on-air personalities. I loved his voice and his delivery. A true gentleman.

    It was an honor, Ken.

  2. david mandel

    I enjoyed listening to and trusted what he had to say. Clearly without the boundless ego of many around him on Bloomberg Radio’s Surveillance program, he would almost always defer to their huffing and puffing. Listeners best benefitted from his wisdom tuning in to The First Word. A real loss.

  3. Sara Lee Kessler

    It’s so sad to hear about Ken’s passing. I knew him way back when, in the late 70s when I was an anchor and he was a business reporter at WOR-TV. He was so knowledgable! I admired him greatly and continued to tune in for his business reports at the many media outlets that were fortunate to have hired him. I loved his voice, his humor and his good manners. Ken Prewitt made a difference and he’ll be missed.


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