Source: WPIX ‘Worse’ Under News Director Amy Waldman

AmyWPIX has its news director in place, but they still have a major ratings problem. That’s not the only problem at the Tribune flagship.

When Amy Waldman officially took the reins, she gained support from numerous newsroom staffers.

However, multiple sources tell Tuned In that Waldman, the eight-year Channel 11 veteran, is losing her cred among the rank and file.

“She has two priorities: herself and what’s for lunch?” one PIX insider says.

While she has had conversations with employees since taking the managerial role, sources say Waldman isn’t actually listening to any of the staffers.

That style falls short compared to previous WPIX news directors. For example, insiders say Karen Scott listened to her group and “would try to rectify” any problems.

They say Bill Carey, a veteran news manager in New York and elsewhere, was straight-forward.

“With Bill we knew where we were headed,” a source says.

Even Mark Effron, who lasted less than 18 months at the helm, held staff meetings, keeping everyone in the loop.

As for Effron’s successor, she has held no meetings.

“[Waldman] wants to be one of the guys or girls,” an insider reveals. “But she’s not.”

A 20+ year WPIX veteran says, “She’s forgotten where she came from.”

Another newsroom source declares, “She’s clueless. She’s over her head.”

Under Waldman’s watch, WPIX built a Brooklyn bureau at the Barclays Center.

In the end, many morning and evening members of PIX news are disenchanted with Waldman, who they expected to make a difference.

“We thought it would be better under [Waldman],” a source tells Tuned In. “It’s worse.”


One thought on “Source: WPIX ‘Worse’ Under News Director Amy Waldman

  1. Gustav Farley

    Amy waldman may have the right to make changes when nessessary. However, ms waldman doesn’t’ have the right to make a change when the chemistry is working. For example, l thought that suki and Scott were the best news team since the days of Chuck and sue. For what ms waldman did to sukanya Krishnan is total crap. Hiring ms Betty nyugen is one thing, but forcing sukanya out after the newscast yesterday? That’s so crazy. If I was ms waldman I would allow suki to work one more week and that’s it. But now she fired suki and you know what , I may not want to watch pix 11 morning news again


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