Big Changes at WPIX; Chambers to Weekends, Stanford Back to News

Scott_StanfordIt’s time to play musical “anchor” chairs. WPIX is making major moves to its weekday morning show and weekend news programming starting Monday.

First off, Kori Chambers has been demoted to weekend nighttime anchor. The rumbles about his dismissal due to lack of chemistry with Sukanya Krishnan have been almost immediate since his arrival in 2013.

Its another news turn for longtime sports anchor Scott Stanford (left), who replaces Chambers. Stanford, whose teaming with Tamsen Fadal didn’t spark enough interest, has been an occasional fill-in opposite Krishnan, since the failed experiment.

Krishnan is the one constant in the ever-changing PIX morning landscape. In fact, by last count, that’s at least four partners she’s worked with on the sunrise newscast since joining the station in 2000.

kori-chambersWith Chambers (right) flying solo on the weekend, that means Kala Rama and Craig Treadway are being shuffled too. The team just started in January, and are now headed to a revamped 5 a.m. PIX Morning News lead-in. 

Rama, whose husband is WPIX morning reporter Anthony DiLorenzo, joined PIX this year from Channel 7, but Treadway is another PIX lifer, headed back to his morning roots.

Andy Adler takes the weeknight sports duties.

“It’s just another shift of chairs on the Titanic,” says a PIX insider. “The next move is obviously a change in management.”

Of course, Channel 11 has their own spin room in place.

Tuned In obtained the email News Director Amy Waldman sent to staff Wednesday.

“To maximize the talents of our news team, we are making some exciting changes in the news department.”

Waldman wrote that Chambers will handle political coverage during the weeknight newscasts. He’ll also work on special consumer reports.

Despite Waldman saying she’s excited about plans for the upcoming book, ratings have been regularly tanking across all dayparts.

Additionally, Dan Mannarino writes on his Facebook page that he’s switching from morning drive to night side reporting.

25 thoughts on “Big Changes at WPIX; Chambers to Weekends, Stanford Back to News

  1. Jo-Ann

    That’s a shame about Kori. I like him. I think the problems Suki, not the other co-anchors. She’s been there the longest and is clearly very good friends with the people on top. That’s why she’s still standing. She comes off a miserable, moody and very phony. The only reason why there isn’t chemistry between them is because she wants John Muller back. Ultimately, she’ll only be happy with John. I feel she was jealous of Francis Riveras’ body (both were pregnant near the same time & Rivera bounced back). Kori’s a good, nice guy. The root to the problem is Suki.
    Andy Adler does a good job in sports. I saw the shadiness from Suki to her. Then, boom, Andy’s is on nights. I think Suki is a bully that is allowed to get her way at WPIX.
    PIX, stop moving and shuffling people around. Fix Suki’s funky attitude, instead.

    1. Denise

      Jo Ann I totally agree with you. I love Kori in the morning. I love his energy and how he interacts with people. Suki is a bitch she was probably jealous that Kori was getting the attention. And about that shadr towards Andy I thought I was the only one that picked that up. She would always cut her off and just dismiss her like she was nothing.

    2. Diamond Smith

      I agree the only reason why I was watching was because of Kori Chambers this station does not like people of color they can Aresnio Hall show although it was popular now they move the only black anchor I will never watch channel eleven again suki is the problem everyone can not be so bad Fire suki and keep good people like Kori and others

    3. Kim


  2. Walter Lipman

    The Trib continues as the dumbest organization in America’s 4th Estate. They keep the vile, thoroughly unwatchable, and totally unlistenable Sukanya Krishnan, and get rid of true budding superstars; Harvard educated Francesca Maximé being the finest example of the Trib ridding themselves of the wheat, and holding on to the chaff as if it was gold.

  3. Pam

    I liked Cory chambers in the morning
    I agree Suki is the problem definitely phoney
    and fake you people are letting the wrong people go. FIRE SUKI

  4. Lenny Farinola

    It seems sitting next to Sukanya is a fatal career move. If you’re good she has you removed. if you’re bad she has you removed. Ask Lynn White?


    I am so upset about Corey Chambers, I agree with the other viewers that Suki is the problem. She makes so many mistakes when reporting the news, can she read the prompts? My 3 year old can read and sounds clearer than Suki. I do believe she is the problem and not the others. Maybe if she lost some weight she would be happier about herself. I liked Frances Rivera I think Suki was jealous of her. I am so tempted to move to another station. Kori was great and new and a better reporter atleast we could understand him and didnt feel rushed. UGGGGG get rid of SUKI!!!!!!!

  6. Randy Williams

    Tired of Suki and her nasty disposition towards anchors that’s clearly a better fit for the show than her. Until she’s changed I’ll change, the channel,

  7. Sophia

    Why am I not surprised to see Kori gone??? I knew it was going to happen. And he was pleasant. I’ve been saying this to people @ her mannerism towards Kori, it was so noticeable. Sukanya has a nasty attitude and she’s not professional!!! I feel sorry for Scott Stanford because he has to now kiss her ass or else he’s gone too. Sukanya is awful and she’s the real Problem!!! Apparently because of her longevity she has pull with mgmt. How unfortunate!!!

  8. Diamond Smith

    Fire suki and leave pleasant and appreciative anchor like Kori Chambers.He was the only reason why I switch from Cbs news in the morning and started watching channel11
    But once again they pull a dumb stunt like when they cancel the Arsenio show and replace it with boring old shows
    I have pull my channel 11 viewing card and will not waste my mornings
    Watching boring bossy and rude suki in the mornings
    This station should sign off permanently

  9. Barry

    I’ve watched WPIX news since Tex A. did the weather. I like Skuk/Kori until I saw Skuk; show that she was more than uncomfortable with Kori. She had difficulty hiding her dislike and I changed the channel because it made me feel uncomfortable watching her act. I wish the best for Kori and S. Needs to check herself before she be, by herself.

  10. Ora

    I too believe the problem is Suki! She wants all the shine and Kori is a bubbly fun loving guy who got along just fine with all the other anchors and she did any and everything to make him feel unwelcomed!

    Sukanya does come across like a bitter hater who talks too much, talks over people and from day 1 treated Kori like a step child! I hope he gets picked up by another news station where he messhes well with EVERYONE!

  11. Cronkite

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Peggy. I won’t watch Channel 11 until Tamsen Fadal is gone. I find her smug and inept, if that is possible. I miss Jodi.

  12. L. Fields

    After watching Sukanyas on air coolness towards Kori during broadcasts I get the impression that Kori never got a fair chance. There’s a distinct difference in her demeanor and interaction with her coanchor now that Scott Stanford is in the seat.

  13. William McKinley

    More musical chairs in the mad house. Suki needs an attitude adjustment. She was EVIL to Kori, and Frances.

  14. Melody k

    I agree with you all about sukana being the problem. When Frances Rivera left, I was upset now that Kori is gone I watch good morning America or the today show

  15. Jay

    I used to love pix11 but that suki gets on my nerves. When you had the other ladies the news was great but I always had the feeling that suki was the troublemaker all along. You lost me for good pix11 will never watch your news channel again.

  16. Jamaine

    I absolutely agree… Suki is a mean spirited hateful jealous person who needs an attitude adjustment ” Karma though…


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