WPIX Expanding News Programming to Weekend Mornings

kori-chambersChannel 11 is ready to expand its morning news coverage to seven days. Tuned In has learned WPIX will start a Sunday broadcast from 7-9 a.m. in June. The station will add Saturdays to the mix in September. No word on who will anchor the shows.

Despite the extra pre-dawn news, WPIX is seeing little to no viewers during the week as the May sweeps get underway.

Mornings got an overhaul last month when Kori Chambers was sent packing to weekend nights, while Scott Stanford gave up his sports desk for the second time, now to become Sukanya Krishnan‘s co-anchor.

Since the changes, Tuned In has received multiple comments from readers putting the blame on one person–Krishnan, who has had at least four on-air partners since arriving in 2000.

A sampling of the responses:

L. Fields writes, “After watching Sukanya’s on-air coolness toward Kori during boardcasts, I get the impression that Kori never got a fair chance. There’s a distinct difference in her demeanor and [the] interaction now that Stanford is in the seat.” 

J9jcVqnX_400x400Gary says he’s switching from PIX to Good Morning America because, “You change your news anchors more than I change my underwear. Stanford replacing Chambers is a big mistake. He is not an anchor guy.”

Ora says Krishnan is the problem: “Sukanya comes across like a bitter hater who talks too much, talks over people and from day one treated Kori like a stepchild!”

Kim adds, “Suki is the problem. Channel 11 Morning News listen carefully–good bye.”

Barry says, “I liked Suki and Kori, until I saw Suki show she was more than uncomfortable with Kori. She had difficulty hiding her dislike and I changed because it made me feel uncomfortable watching her act.”

Allison has this to say:“Suki comes across as sarcastic, opinionated and spoiled rotten. Many times I cringe when the others are trying to lighten the mood [being] friendly on air and she just pops the bubble with her acidic sarcasm.”

Diamond doesn’t mince words with her comment: “Fire Suki and leave pleasant and appreciative anchor Kori Chambers. I will not waste my mornings watching boring bossy and rude Suki. This station should sign off permanently.”

Sophia writes, “Sukanya has a nasty attitude and she’s not professional.”

Randy says, “Tired of Suki and her nasty disposition toward anchors. Until she’s changed, I’ll change the channel.”

Lenny says, “It seems sitting next to Sukanya is a fatal career move. If you’re good she has you removed. If you’re bad she has you removed.”

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28 thoughts on “WPIX Expanding News Programming to Weekend Mornings

  1. Monica M

    Suki is horific and I stopped watching the morning news because of her!!! She’s unprofessional and needs to be fired!! She apparently is the boss and calling all the shots there!! By channel 11 until she’s gone. Hate her like many many others. Get a clue.

    1. Mike

      People, think about this: when was the last time sukanya was out in the field to cover a story? Even marvin scott is in the field! She needs to get her lazy $%&# out the station and do some work! GET RID OF HER!!!

      1. Mike

        She’s comfortable sitting in that chair collecting a check. Get up and do some work. Everybody else at the station WORKS. DAN,Criag,linda,marvin,jay dow,lisa mateo,etc. They all work. Sukanya is LAZY!!!!

      2. Neicey

        Sukanya has been rude to Kory with the jabs everything he comments on she has to come back to him with a attitude. Now that he not there she shows respect to her new anchor partner. Smiling and grinning. I turn the channel sometime And call her Mrs know it all.

  2. Anthony

    On pix 11. Scott is great lively but Sukanya has to go personality of a wet mop Kirstin Cole a perfect over the top to work and anchor with Scott

  3. Anthony

    Also Dana Tyler had a nervous break down over Phil Collins leaving her after all these years for his ex wife again she was madly in love and very happy with him check it out

  4. Nicholelibra

    I have to agree. Her subtle jabs here and there over the years have become less subtle and more blatant.

    Cory, although nice, didn’t have a strong enough personality to balance out Suki.

  5. Ken Davis

    You have to get rid of Sukanya Krishnan,, they made a big mistake when they let go Lynn White and it hasn’t stopped yet SuKenya sounds like a truck driver and is not easy on the eyes (to fat) everyone seems to get the boot but her. I really miss the original cast, I also miss John Muller as well as Francis Rivera. Please do something I would like to come back to PIX

  6. Jr

    Suki is just horrible, she acts like a bully on air. She is also too Damn fat.
    She needs to go and put Lisa on the desk.
    Quite frankly I don’t care to hear about her children or husband
    She needs to go so I can once again watch pix

  7. Kyshonna Hall

    I’m truly disgusted discovering that Kori is no longer on the weekdays morning news because of Sukanya . Kori was a bright talented news anchor. I missed watching them together, I thought they were a nice blend for the morning. They were like my Morning Joes. Finding out it has something to do with her, she’s such a B****. They need to boycott her off Channel 11 seeing she keep ruining news anchor’s careers. I see Scott been snapping at Sukanya alittle bit. I hope he gives her a taste of her bitterness. Today is my last day watching Pix11 News until I see a better change with respect for Kori.

  8. Lois Jennings

    Nothing against Scott Stanford, but I personally saw NOTHING wrong with Kori Chambers as the morning anchor! Suki’s mouth is wreckless and her opinions are often way too extreme…..SHE is the anchor who needs to be checked! Will now be tuning in to “Brooklyn news 12”!

  9. Chris

    Fire that fat baby making boring bossy rude bitch,she is the one costing pix viewers,every anchor on there is better than her,Keri was just a pussy and couldn’t stand up to her.
    Today was my last day watching pix news until she’s gone I will watch any other channel,this is disgusting,every woman there besides the deformed Adler is sexy and easy on the eyes,what are you really getting out of this fat bitch but drama,you killing your on ratings,can that fat bitch

  10. Mari

    I have been a faithful watcher of Wpix news in the morning since it debut with Lynn White, but I am fed up with this Sukanya Krisna she does not get along with anyone. I loved watching Kori Chambers in. The morning. I am no longer watching WPIX morning news but CBS news .

  11. Aminah

    I don’t know why they took kori chambers off the morning news . At first I thought it was just me thinking thay suki wasn’t nice to kori the way she spoke to him if he commented on something
    you could definitely tell she didn’t care for him to much. Even when she correct the way he said her name because mother said he was saying wrong .
    I miss Kori Chamber’s and I have started watching channel 5 news although I love Linda church Lisa m and the rest of the pix 11 crew I think suki should be the one who they change not Kori chambers he was excellent in the morning to watch get him back there!! Get rid of suki

  12. sharisse

    I stopped watching PIX 11 because I saw the way Suki was towards Kori. I didn’t like it at all. Her attitude is the worst. Obviously she is the problem, not Kori. So glad I watch channel 7 now. No drama, good chemistry between the anchors. Best of luck Kori Chambers loved watching you in the mornings before the Big Bad Wolf Suki showed her true colors. Suki needs to be let go.

  13. Stacy

    I knew it was a matter of time Kori would leave I blame Sukanya I saw the shade she gave him on air she talks over him it was like she didn’t like him she never showed she like him just like the Asian woman that was there years ago Sukanya is a BIG ASS BULLY THATS WHY I STOP WATCHING DONT LIKE CHANNEL 11 WHEN SHES ON BRING KORI BACK GET RID OF SUKANYA FAT ASS SHES MEAN AND A BULYY

  14. Larry

    Bring back Lynne White and John Muller; they both would add class and valuable journalistic experience to the AM show. I used to watch PIX years ago until Sukanya took over. With the ratings tanking, I don’t know how she’s still there.

  15. Larry

    I don’t like giving a negative comment about a broadcaster but there are many talented people looking for work. If a news anchor doesn’t seem to be doing the job to viewers’ satisfaction, it’s time for the person to move on. Please listen WPIX.

  16. Rosalyn Chaplin

    I too miss Cory ! He was the only reason I watched channel 11 morning news! Its just not the same you will be losing a lot of viewers. I’m not going to watch your show anymore!

  17. Tina

    I knew I couldn’t be the only one who noticed Suki’s unnecessary jabs & sarcastic unneeded opinions toward kori. She could barely ever make eye contact with him, it was always so damn obvious she had a thing against him. I have no idea why, jea great and I’m beginning to feel less and less interested in pix11 mornings because of thia transition. Scott is great but I loved kori and feel someone needs to give Suki the real deal Buisness on her attitude.

  18. DC

    I stopped watching in the morning news. I used to love Sukanya but I didn’t like her coldness to Kori. When he left I refuse to watch it. And Scott I not good not even with Tamsen. I see how she is so friendly she is to Scott but Kori she could not stand. I don’t even watch her and Scott in commercial. I miss Linda, Lisa and Dan and the rest. But I refuse to watch the show.

  19. Dennis Sheehy

    I like Suki, She is a real down to earth Home Grown New Yorker, She is Beautiful and has an awesome personality, Kori on the other hand was cold and unpleasant to watch at times, Sadly with Kiri the only time it seemed that he gave his full 100% on reporting was if it had something to to with racial issues, Kori is definitely as pro black as they come in the news business. Great job WPIX on replacing him. Scott Sanford is a good quick fix but a long lasting replacement is needed too bad Micgael Strahan is so big now because he would have been perfect

  20. Tricia Bailey

    I feel badly saying this because I know that this issue must bring a great deal of distress to Suki. Nevertheless, I’ve been watching pix forever; I’ve loved Suki forever – Sadly however, those feelings changed when I started noticing how irritated and blatantly annoyed Suki was toward Kori. Suki you are in the public eye and so have the responsibility of acting professionally at all times. I’m not your judge but you really made your distain for Kori obvious. It was very uncomfortable at times. Kori does seem like a nice guy but I have to be fair and say that he was a little annoying. But you must remain the professional Suki. Good luck to you – no heart feelings – just being honest.


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